Nakba’s 63 Commemoration: Palestinian Right of Return and Israel’s Fears

PNN – Palestine News Network | 15.05.11 – 17:58

By Munjed Jadou – PNN Editor in Chief – This year Nakba Commemoration is somehow special, this date May 15,1948 is always marked by Palestinians as the day of exile and losing their country, but this year Israel did not hide its fear from a third Intifada as Palestinians retreated their demands of right of retune and independence.


As thousands demonstrated across the West Bank and the Gaza Strip; the Lebanese and Syrian borders with Israel, in cloudy day as if the skies are angry with the Palestinians today; Israel’s fear resembled bushing more troops to the borders implementing a siege on the West Bank and lookdown Jerusalem.

The fear also was seen by the Israeli government decision to deploy 10,000 soldiers in Palestinian cities inside Israel; fearing an intifada (uprising) inside Israel, it probably exceeds their fears form one in the West Bank and Gaza.

This year Arab nations joined the Palestinian intifada even though its fighting dictators all over the arab world, this gave hope to the Palestinians, hope to continue the struggle. Today people set their tents on fire, today people protest.

Israel must understand that occupation doe not last for long nor land theft and lies; Israel today fears, because its leaders know that they can’t keep denying Palestinian rights for ever.



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