Palestinians Mark 63 Anniversary of Nakba

PNN – Palestine News Network – 15.05.11 – 10:14

Ramallah – PNN – Nakba protests commemoration is expected to take place all over the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza and worldwide countries.


Nakba poster 2010

In the West Bank at 12 midday sirens will be herd and people will stand one minute of silence, then protest will march from late Palestinian President Araft memorial to al-Manara square in Ramallah city center.

Calls for people to gather at the Qalindyia checkpoint, separating Ramallah from Jerusalem was issued. Also protests are organized in East Jerusalem.

On Friday Israeli troops attacked a number of protests organized in several parts of east Jerusalem commemorating the 63 anniversary of the Nakba, the day Israel was created after killing hundreds of Palestinians and expelling 700,000 people from their homes.
Milad Ayiash, 16, was injured during Friday clashes, according to doctors at Makased hospital in Jerusalem the boy was shot in his abdomen and died on Saturday morning when two operations by doctors failed to save his life.

In Gaza two protests will be organized one central Gaza strip and the other in the south close to the Egyptian borders sources reported.

Israeli announced implemented a total siege on the West Bank and looked down Jerusalem. Sources talked about protests being organized by Palestinians inside Israel.



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