Ethnic Cleansing Video of 2011 Released by Americans – video

Kawther Salam | May 15, 2011

Below is a small piece of a video released by the American activists from CPT which shows the zionists perpetrating the crime of ethnic cleansing, as a part of their genocide of Palestinians, under the coordination of the “civil administration”.

Fatmi Mahmoud Jaboor, the woman who you will see in the video falling to the floor after she breathed the poison gas of the IOF, died some hours after this video was taken. She had been brought to a hospital for medical attention.

This is what they call “humanitarian activities in the occupied territories”.

The same crimes as seen in the video were repeated several times in different villages, towns and locations, one place after another. Khirbet Bir al Eid, where 454 Palestinians were uprooted from their homes, is located south of Hebron. Khirbet Tana, where all houses were destroyed and all Palestinians were expelled, is in the district of Nablus. Khirbet Mirza is in the district of Tubas – it was also completely destroyed and ethnically cleansed. Village of Ein al- Hilweh, where all houses were destroyed and all Palestinians were expelled. Other villages were also ethnically cleansed and razed.

These crimes were perpetrated not only against innocent civilian villagers, but also against their animals, trees and water wells that all were razed. The images in the video represent the current situation of the Palestinians under the brutal israeli occupation. The act of ethnic cleansing which appears in the video was perpetrated on May 6 2011 at the Palestinian village of “Amniyr” south of Yatta in the southern district of Hebron city. Amniyr is a Bedouin community north of the Susia colony on the southern Hebron hills in the Yatta district. Hebron is the second biggest city in the occupied territories. It is my homeland, from where I was expelled in 2002.

CPT has released a video of the ethnic cleansing of Amniyr, a Palestinian village south of Yatta, carried out by the Israeli military on Friday, May 6.  After declaring the area a closed military zone, soldiers and police used tear gas and sound grenades to chase away the families who own the land.  The previous day at 5 a.m., the military destroyed six
shacks and uprooted 150 olive trees in Amniyr, demolishing all the structures in the village for the third time in about ten weeks.

On January 19, 2011, the Israeli Occupation Authorities delivered demolition, ethnic cleansing and halt of construction orders.  Since then, the village was completely demolished on February 22, then again on March 29, after the Palestinians of Amniyr rebuilt their homes.

On Friday, May 6, the Israeli military declared the area of Amniyr, a Palestinian village south of Yatta, a closed military zone and chased away the families who own the land, after demolishing structures and trees on the land the day before.  The demolitions occurred at 5 a.m. on Thursday, May 5, when the military destroyed six shacks and uprooted 150 olive trees in Amniyr. The Palestinians of Amniyr had returned to the land and hung six tarps to create makeshift tents. The Israeli army issued a “closed military zone” order on the area at 9:00 a.m.  At 2:00 p.m. seven military jeeps arrived, including police and border police. The commanders showed the order and gave the people one minute to leave.

Using sound bombs and tear gas, the soldiers and police forced off the land all the Palestinians present—about thirty adults, many of them elderly, and ten children—as well as accompanying internationals. One woman, Fatmi Mahmoud Jaboor, passed out due to the bombs and required medical attention. The Palestinian Red Cross evacuated her to the hospital, and she was dismissed in the evening.

At 7 p.m. four military jeeps returned to Amniyr and destroyed the tarps and what had been left standing in the area. This is the third time in ten weeks that the military has destroyed trees, tents, dwellings and other structures on the land of Amniyr, effectively demolishing the entire village and affecting six families. Although Amniyr is Palestinian-owned private property, Israel has declared it “state land” and prohibits the people of Amniyr from building any structures or using the land.  A local Palestinian leader has told CPT that he believes Israel is trying to confiscate the land of Amniyr because of its proximity to the Israeli settlement of Susiya.

In the last fifteen years, Palestinians in the area have endured several waves of eviction and land confiscation.  Using military orders to establish closed military areas, “security zones” and a “National Park” prohibited to Palestinians, the Occupation Authorities
have thereby restricted the land accessible to Palestinians. The Occupation Authorities have also destroyed cisterns and caves and denied basic services to the Palestinian families still living on their land, while allowing Israeli settlers to build homes and other
facilities on the confiscated land.

I address the videos below to the human rights organization, the international public opinion, and to all lovers of justice in the western countries. After watching the video, I ask you politely for your help. Each sign of interest in this matter could help the victims. I ask you to forward the video to human rights and legal organizations in your country, to write protest letters, to file legal complaints if this possible, to organizing Peace activities such as demos, sit-ins, at israeli embassies, to protest against the injustice which you will see in the video. The crime took place at “Amniyr” village south of Hebron in the occupied territories. The victims were women, elderly and children. All are innocent civilians and simple residents who ONLY want to survive in peace on their own lands and be able to provide food to their children.

Your efforts, your support for the victims of israel and your rejection of ethnic cleansing is highly respected and appreciated, NOT ONLY by the victims but by all Palestinians and everybody else who seeks justice. Your personal effort and voice are very important to prevent further crimes by the zionist jews. The victims only ask for your word, your intervention before your own government, the public opinion, and the silenced international media which is owned by the zionists and their allies.

Please submit the videos, together with your complaint or protest letter to the ICC in The Hague, legal organization and prosecutors specialized in international humanitarian law, to your representatives in governments and parliaments, to the European Union and Parliament, to US senators and US courts of justice, etc. It is important to direct your complaint against the individuals who are seen perpetrating the crimes in the video, the commanders and the officers above them, those who issued the orders to perpetrate the crimes and their spokespersons who justify these crimes before the local and international media and public opinion. If the laws of your country support filing criminal complaints against the israeli ambassador in your country, who earns their salary representing and justifying all these criminals, please do also include them in your complaint, or do whatever is possible to you.

Here are the names of some officers who are directly in charge of the crime seen in the video:

If you write to the ICC in The Hague, please enter your complaint as a “Communication to the Prosecutor under Article 15”. The ICC is normally reluctant to accept jurisdiction over the crimes of israel. To tell the ICC that they can assert jurisdiction, you can state that following conditions apply to the crimes of israel, concurrently

  • The jurisdiction of the court over this crimes is given because Israel, the occupying power, is “neither able nor willing to prosecute the crime”
  • The PA, an agency and accessory of the Israeli occupation, is “neither able nor willing to prosecute the crime”.
  • Even if Israel or the PA would prosecute the crimes shown, the judicial procedure and sentences imposed upon the perpetrators would only have the purpose of protecting them from further prosecution, what has happened in many cases of atrocities and crimes of jews against Palestinians which have been able to attract the attention of the israeli courts. The gist of the situation is that the israeli judicial system protects and encourages genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity rather than punishing these crimes according to even its own laws.
  • Israel, the occupying power, is a criminal organization which represents itself as a state in order to receive the privileges and courtesies which states, or “subjects of international law”, extend to each other under the “Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of 1969”, as amended. The “State of Israel” demonstrably does not have the capacity to be a subject of international law and its representatives have signed many bi- and multilateral agreements and protocols with the clear purpose of defrauding its co-signatories.
  • A further proof that israel cannot be considered a “subject of international law” is that the israeli record shows constant “fraudulent conduct” per Article 49 of the “Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of 1969”, especially regarding its accession to the UN, its signature of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and all other treaties of international humanitarian law, including those from which the “Rome Statute of the ICC” derives.
  • All representatives of Israel since 1948 have shown in word and fact that they consider themselves above and beyond any codes of conduct whatsoever. With such a policy as the fundament of their society Israel has become a refuge of grave criminals against humanity and an operating base of international organized crime and terrorism. This all firmly suggests the ICC must regard Israel as “hostis humani generis” (enemy of mankind) rather than splitting hairs about quaint issues of jurisdiction. The gravity of the situation calls for the court to unite the international community in an effort to eradicate


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