Madrid commemorates Nakba Day – video

Hundreds of Spaniards and Palestinians have gathered outside the Israeli Embassy in Madrid to commemorate the anniversary of Nakba Day — the day of the catastrophe.

They called on the Spanish government to cut diplomatic ties with Israel as long as it continues violating international laws on occupied Palestinian territories, a Press TV correspondent reported.

“We want the Palestinian people to know that even though our government overlooks the humanitarian crimes in Gaza, we, the people, stand beside you,” Manuel Espinar, a coordinator of the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza, told Press TV.

The Freedom Flotilla II, named after the first Freedom Flotilla — which Israel attacked in May 2010, leaving 9 activists dead — is bound to set sail to Gaza in June. Like its predecessor, the Freedom Flotilla II will attempt to break the illegal blockade on the Gaza strip.

According to diplomatic sources, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has recently telephoned Spanish Prime Minister, José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, to urge the Spanish government to stop its citizens from participating in the Freedom Flotilla II.

On Wednesday, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement saying that, “The government strongly advises against any vessel… to travel to Gaza as it cannot guarantee the safety of its participants.”

“Israel has not been penalized economically or politically by the international community for ignoring its international obligations and not allowing Palestinian refugees to return to their homelands. Therefore, it is up to us to demand a just solution to the humanitarian crimes against Gaza,” Adnan Sulayman, a Palestinian Association Activist, told Press TV.

People took to the streets across the world to mark the anniversary of the 1948 occupation of Palestine by Israeli forces.

Israeli forces expelled more than 700,000 Palestinians out of their homeland to the West Bank and Gaza Strip and other countries in the world.




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