Family says Israeli jailers poured boiling oil on its son

[ 17/05/2011 – 12:25 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– A Palestinian family said its son, Raf’at Bani Odeh, was exposed by Israeli jailers to excruciating physical and psychological torture at the time of his six-year detention.

The family added that its son spent most of his imprisonment term in solitary confinement and boiling oil was once poured on him by Israeli interrogators, so he suffers from serious physical and psychological scars as a result of that.

The family also appealed to all concerned parties to provide its son with appropriate medical treatment for his condition.

The Palestinian prisoner society also confirmed that Bani Odeh suffers from serious mental problems a result of his exposure to torture and medical neglect in prison and thus he is in dire need of urgent treatment.

In another incident, the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) on Monday released two prisoners affiliated with Hamas, Atef Hassan and Saad Yazji after it procrastinated over their release for a long time.

Both prisoner completed their prison terms a long time ago, but the IOA delayed their release twice once at the pretext of Jewish festivals and the second time without any reason.



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