MP Attoun says the Zionist onslaught on Jerusalem constitutes a new nakba

[ 17/05/2011 – 12:17 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Zionist onslaught on the occupied city of Jerusalem amounts to a renewed nakba (catastrophe) for the Palestinians, said Palestinian Legislative Council member Ahmed Attoun from Jerusalem.

Israel’s legislative, judicial, and executive branches are working together to change demographics, as the Palestinians battle for existence and residency, the lawmaker added.

He made these remaraks during a 63rd Nakba Day commemoration held at the sit-in tent at the Jerusalem Red Cross, where he and other Palestinian officials have sought refuge after Israel ordered them to leave their native holy city.

”The most serious issue Jerusalem faces today is the threat to physical presence of Palestinians as this presence is targeted by the Israeli institution,” MP Attoun said adding  “If they demolish one of our homes or take land, we can live in tents on our homes’ ruins. But if they displace and exile people from Jerusalem city, who will defend it and preserve its holy sites?” he pondered.

”The phenomenon of tents scattered in Jerusalem has reappeared, which amounts to a renewed nakba for the Jerusalemites. 63 years later, the Palestinians young and old have not forgotten their right to return to their land. This is the movement present in the commemoration of Nakba Day this year. And this is the excellence of commemoration, what makes the return issue a live issue relating to all Arabs and Muslims wherever they are, and a frightening concern for the [Israeli] occupation.”

”No one can forget or neglect the right of return, [as well as the right of] self-determination, the heroic war captives, Jerusalem, and [the right to] build an independent state on the entire Palestinian soil,” Attoun said.



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