The Israeli Knesset to Discuses New Law that Bans Muslim calls for Prayers

PNN – Palestine News Network | 17.05.11 – 18:34

Bethlehem – PNN – Israeli sources reported on Tuesday that Anastasia Michaeli, from the right wing Israel Betanu party submitted a bill of a law that forbids using loudspeakers to call for the prayers in mosques in Israel.

ImageThe proposed bill will make it illegal to call for the prayers and anyone who violate the new law will be fined or serve jail time.

During a tour in Nazareth city Michaeli said that she support freedom of worship but this freedom must not affect the “quality of life of thousands of Jews and Arabs that, as she called it “suffer every day”.

Calles for prayers is part of the Muslim tradition. The calls are made to announce the prayers five times a day. In Europe such ban drew wide range criticism by human right groups.

Israel Betanu, headed by Israel’s Forging Minister Avigdor Lieberman, cane under criticism during the last Israeli elections when anti Arab statements were made during their election rallies.



Not only Muslims suffer under the racist policies of Israel. During the Nakba 100.000 Christians were expelled from Palestine and even today, the remaining Palestinian Christians are undergoing the same atrocities and oppression as Muslim Palestinians…

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