OIC: Nakba Day deaths a reminder of Palestine situation

[ 18/05/2011 – 12:04 PM ]

JEDDAH, (PIC)– Organization of the Islamic Conference secretary-general Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu has said that Israel’s attacks on peaceful Nakba Day protesters that killed and injured many are a reminder of the injustice the Palestinians have been dealt over the past 63 years.

Israeli soldiers shot into crowds of Arab protesters at the border territories of Maroun al-Ras in southern Lebanon and Golan Heights in Syria killing some 20 people and injuring hundreds more, some of them critically.

The shootings pose a major violation of international law, Ihsanoglu said, highlighting that the incidents took place in occupied Palestinian land as well as in the foreign countries of Lebanon and Syria.

Meanwhile, the Gaza government of prime minister Ismail Haneyya has adopted all of the martyrs who were killed in clashes that erupted on Nakba Day in and beyond Palestine’s borders.

His government declared Tuesday that those killed would share the same moral and material rights as all other martyrs killed in the Palestinian cause.


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