Silwan is NOT Going to be the Next Hebron NOR the Next Legend!

On April 14th of this year, this blog published a post called: “The “Pied Piper of Hamelin is Alive. Not in Germany but in Oppressed Silwan”. Likewise the German Legend, Silwan’s children are disappearing as wellNot kidnapped by a man with a flute, but by Israeli Occupation with rifles, lifting even little children of their beds at night while the world is wide asleep and in ignorance as well. No mythical facts or phantasies but harsh reality and atrocities of the worst kind. No legends this time… Not yet.

The parents of the Children of Hamelin never heard of their children again. In Silwan their cries are heard day and night. But their voices don’t reach the world. So it is time for an appeal to break the silence to end these abductions, the following illegal detentions, the torture, life-long traumas and even the deaths.

Besides targeting Silwan’s children, Israel is pulling literally everything out of the closet to oppress, harrass the people of Silwan to dress up the window in this neighbourhood of Jerusalem, but mainly, in an apparently very persistant effort to ethnically cleanse the whole neighbourhood by all means possible, violating every human right and specially the rights of the children as stated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

The United Nations, of whom, Israel is a member also disrespecting not only the Geneva Convention (1949), The Hague Convention (1907) but also these human rights treaty for children as stated in the UNCRC as well.

Ethnic cleansing disguised as archeology starting at the early beginning of society: children.  Sickening, abusing, torturing, detaining, kidnapping them, oppressed displacement and even expulsion far away from their families. And so, mentally “disabling” the youth in their “Spring” for the rest of their whole future life. Enough is Enough. It has to end.

We, the tweeps, bloggers and online activists of the “Arab Spring” call on your sense of  humanity and justice to help us launch awareness for Silwan and it’s children so Silwan won’t end up childless like Hamelin, but neither Israel’s practices should result in the same faith as Hebron as a resident described in an interview with the International Solidarity Movement.

In the blogpost “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” is Alive”, you will find all resources about Silwan. The hisorical background, the reasons for the ethnic cleansing and an horrendous overview of news published by mainly Silwanic media since October 4th,  2010.  A quick view in this list shows for example the  kidnapping of a 4 year old mentally disabled child, the methods of apartheid, the oppression of the people and even the press. The press is a main target in Silwan. For they try to silence them at the source, even target them with bullets, teargas or when possible ransack their equipment, data and even offices to deport them afterwards likewise the children.

These crimes against humanity, against civilians starting with the toddlers on to those who can proclaim about all of this,  has been too long underneath the blanket of silence.

We are also NOT going to be silent.

Neither will we bow to the censorship nor to the propaganda of the occupation. And today April 18th, 2011, we, the online activists will spread the word. Your help would be highly appreciated. For silence on these anomalies of mankind have to be exposed for only public exposure will be the way to make a change. We owe that to this children and a generation which has been suffering already too much for too long…

It’s time to pay a contribution to mankind to achieve and effectuate equal and human rights and dignity for all, even when you are born in Silwan or elsewhere in Palestine… For Silwan is just a tip of the iceberg.  Break this silence with us by spreading the word, the pictures and the news that barely left Silwan.  So we will not have to tell our children or grandchildren the Legend of Silwan.



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