MADA Center Issues New Legal Guide for Journalists

19.05.11 – 16:13

Ramallah – MADA to PNN – The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms issued a new legal guide for journalists. The handbook is the first of its kind in the Palestinian territories and offers accessible information on all legislation relevant to media freedoms in the region.

ImageThe guide highlights and promotes the right of the press to work freely and safely – as guaranteed by international standards of human rights – and acts as a practical tool for journalists and media professionals in realizing their rights and duties in their professional work, and clarifying the legal regulations and restrictions relating to the Freedom of Action, Press and Media.

The release of this guide comes as part of MADA’s legal unit activities and with the support of the Foundation For the Future (FFF). The legal unit was founded last May and provides journalists with free legal advice, support, and information on the international and local standards protecting freedom of expression.


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