Nabi Saleh: 4 year old Child on his way home attacked with tear gas by Israeli forces – in pictures

@ash_ram | Nabi Saleh Samer crying from the tear gas #palestine this poor boy has seen more pain and hurt than all of us

@ash_ram | Nabi saleh: first to be hit by tear gas 4 year old samer who was on his way home! ppl hurt from tear gas

@ash_ram | #nabisaleh israeli solders attack journalist throwing sound bomb directly at us #palestine

@ash_ram | Nabi Saleh: soldiers taking over houses #palestine #may15

@ash_ram | Nabi Saleh: Ahed 10 years old in pain frm poisongas she was trying to close windo in door the gas is going in houses

@ash_ram | Nabi Saleh: activist helping 10year old ahed who got teargas while at home they are firing it from every direction

@PSCC_Palestine | Nabi Saleh: Army trying to take over a house in the middle of Nabi Saleh

@PSCC_Palestine| more Israeli soldiers mobilized towards #NabiSaleh center #May154

@ash_ram | Nabi Saleh the poisones teargas in the houses civilians #palestine teargas makes you faint cant breath faceburning #nabisaleh the poisonesteargas in the houses civilians #palestine teargas makes you faint cant breath faceburning!/PalYouthVoice/status/71576158369615872!/PalYouthVoice/status/71578758422859776


May21 , 2011: Nabi Saleh | israeli army shooting tear gas at non-violent protesters

In pictures

Children of Palestine

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