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May 21, 2011 | GAZA PALESTINE | TODAY NEWS LINKS| Gaza has been under siege for 1438 days | Spread-Share-Link or Tweet the News!


Special Topics

♻ Special Topic | Israel’s Weapons a Crime on Humanity

♻ Special Topic | Children of Palestine – Action Alert

Special Topic | Children of Palestine  – in pictures

♻ Special Topic: Colonialism & Ethnic Cleansing

Exclusive |  Interactive map of Palestine villages destroyed during Nakba

♻ Special Topic:  Settler Violence

♻ Special Topic: Palestine Unity Protests March 15

♻ Special Topic: Gaza Under Israeli Attacks

Special Topic  Mothers of Palestine – in pictures

♻ Special Topic: All about Gaza Cast Lead War Memorial  | Updates, News, Sources

Special Topic: Vittorio Arrigoni: Vik | a Friend, a Brother, a Humanist

Special Video : Onadekom ( Calling You )For Vic, Peace & Justice – Must See

♻ Special Topic: WHITE WASH WATCH | Goldstone’s Reconsiderations on Gaza Cast Lead Report

♻Special Topic: Misconceptions & Myths about the Israel Palestine Conflict

Special Topic | Palestine’s Refugee Revolution #MAY15 | ANNOUNCEMENTS & EVENTS

Special Album: The World Commemorate Al Nakba 2011 – in pictures

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  2. New database reveals weapons to Israel, impact on Palestinians – chemical weapons
  3. UN Special Rapporteur: Israel Killed 1300 Palestinian Children Since 2000 – UN Report
  4. Israeli Confessions – video
  5. PALESTINE UNITED! THE UNITY AGREEMENT – news – video – in pictures
  6. Israeli Army: We use Gaza military operation to test new weapons
  7. Palestine’s Refugee Revolution #MAY15 – announcements – news
  8. Mothers of Palestine | فلسطين
  10. Abeer, a child victim of Zionist cruelty – video
  11. Arab marches marking Nakba to head to Palestine borders – announcement

…continuous updates…

Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism

AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know – video

Gideon Levy: It’s called ethnic cleansing

Israel’s-Zionist Offensive To Derail Palestinian Statehood

Amnesty report: Gaza blockade – violation of int’l law,7340,L-4068082,00.html

Greenwashing Apartheid: New eBook of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network – Free Download

Land, property, resources theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing / Settlers


Just as well that Obama had no details about Middle East peace

Diana Buttu on President Obama’s Speech on Middle East & North Africa – video

Illegitimate but untouchable: Israeli settlements and American foreign policy

Egyptian Government Yet To Give Permission To Berth At El-Arish Port

Nabi-Saleh Protest | May 20, 2011 – video

Report: Obama wants UK to back 1967 border

Israeli army supress peaceful demonstration in Iraq Burin

Palestinians hurt in clash with settlers in Hebron

Breaking the Blockade on Gaza: Lone Humanitarian Vessel Confronts the Egyptian Military Government

New Cultural Hall Opens in Hebron Area Settlement of Kiryat Arba

تحويل سعاد شيوخي للحبس المنزلي

Army detains journalists to ask about their car

9 Palestinians injured in IOF attack on Nablus village

Palestine – Obama Sinks America’s Integrity and Reputation

Fragments: The Nakba Day at Qalandiya

Palestinians: Last Victims of the Holocaust

Former PLO negotiator: Israel ‘no partner’

Second thoughts on the White House meeting: Netanyahu’s mistake

Obama wants Cameron to back Palestinian state with pre-1967 borders

State of Palestine Stamps your Passport! – video

Gaza rebuilding plan includes bomb shelters

Ufree urges for further action after WHO condemns Israel

Naim denounces UNRWA for sacking five employees

Rona Sela: It took a village

New on +972: Second thoughts on the White House meeting: Netanyahu’s mistake

‘Obama changes tune over Palestine’

Hebron man critically injured in fight

Abbas meets US envoy in Ramallah

Nakba Day just a small sample of upcoming Naksa Day events

Palestinian group calls for renewed border demonstrations

Blog post: America and Israel on real collision course? Hardly

Israel wants benefit from own crimes – video

World backs Obama plan as Israel digs in heels

Ni’lin marks 3rd anniversary of non-violent protests

UNRWA: Palestinian refugees’ health still at risk

Obama finally confronts Netanyahu, but to what end?

Netanyahu’s lie re: “indefensible” 1967 borders

Israeli Occupation Killed Palestinian in Gaza Strip

Emperor Obama Vs the Arab people

Israel kills Palestinian in Gaza

Abu Zuhri: Netanyahu’s statement proves failure of settlement option

Turkey Warns Israel over Repeating Gaza Flotilla Tragedy

Turkey threatens Israel with retaliation

avinunu: Renewed refugee return rallies at frontiers of Palestine in planning for June – report

OIC calls for opening Rafah crossing before goods

Abbas, Store Discuss Mideast Peace Process

Settlement Activity in the Old City of Hebron | الاستيطان في الخليل – video

Israel plans to seize 140,000 dunums of Dead Sea land

Hunger strikers form decision-making body

Netanyahu says “no” to the two-states solution

Obama names Patterson as Egypt envoy

IOF uses violence against fresh West Bank protests

Another victim of Occupation 2011 | IOF shooting kills Ibrahim Farajallah 17 years old , wounds another

UNRWA Begins to Build Two Schools in Gaza

L’ultimo discorso di Obama sul Medio Oriente ha entusiasmato qualcuno e deluso qualcun’altro. Tra questi ultimi…

avinunu: Michael Oren is a circus sideshow. The real Israeli ambassador with an office in the White House is Dennis Ross

NABI SALEH 20-5-2011 النبي صالح – video

New on +972: Netanyahu’s lie regrading “indefensible” 1967 borders

New on +972: Even as Obama and the Netanyahu reveal their differences, the US continues to support Israeli policies

Reasonable Expectations

10 Arrested, Three Injured in Nabi Saleh Demonstration

France, UK Condemn Israel”s Approval of 1520 New Settlements

Nabi Saleh is the embodiment of the Palestinian Arab Spring

Amr urges caution over UN statehood bid

Abu Rdainah: Netanyahu Statement in the White House is Rejection to Obama Initiative

PA Committed to Establish Palestinian State in the 1967 Borders

Quartet: The Need to Resolve the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict is Urgent

Video: Roundtable Discussion on US President Obama Speech

New Palestinian Government to Be Announced Next Monday

Committee: Refugee ‘return rallies’ planned for June 5

Em solidariedade com Marcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior

Activist Post: Obama to meet Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg February 17, 2011

The Atlantic has not heard of the joint struggle in the West Bank? (UPDATED)

Man shot dead by gunmen near Nablus

Ni’lin marks 3rd anniversary of non-violent protests

Israel erects military checkpoint in Hebron

Helen Thomas on her one question for Obama – video

Hamas: Netanyahu showed negotiations with Israel ‘useless’

The Wanted 18 – video

Athan will remain despite attempts to silence it – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Egypt border guards shoot migrant at Israel border

Injuries and arrests reported in WB protests

Weekly Collection of Videos of Palestine by Friendly Stranger – videos

At Umm-Al-Kheir, Fighting Demolitions with Art

Kremlin confirms it supports creation of Palestine state within 1967 borders

‘Netanyahu to buy Obama support’ – video

Two young men wounded; dozens suffer gas inhalation in Bil’in weekly demonstration

Netanyahu lectures Obama in Oval Office

Sadly Anton Hammerl the SA Photojournalist that went missing with 4 others in Lybia was shot. His site THE FRONT PAGE

Ahava’s theft of occupied natural resources finally exposed

The future of the Arab uprisings – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

Two young men wounded; dozens suffer gas inhalation in Bil’in weekly demonstration: On Friday.

Hamas: Obama’s speech biased to occupation – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

In 40s, the Haganah collected intl-info abt 100s of Arab villages &photographed them from the ground & from the air

تفاؤل بنمو القطاع الصناعي عقب اتفاق المصالحة:   بغزة فلسطين اليوم-غزة  يتفاءل أصحاب المصانع في قطاع غزة بنمو ال…

Palestinian Activist Says Obama Speech “Irrelevant” – video

Palestinians to proceed with UN recognition bid

Facebook recommends I follow Israeli hasbara!

New book shows how aid to PA ended up in Israel’s pockets

Nakba Day 2011 in Hebron

Tears Of Gaza

Nakba, the Palestine catastrophe… Can anyone hear me?  -a poem

Turkish FM censures US Palestine policy

عباس يجري اتصالات مع دول عربية لبلورة موقف من خطاب أوباما: فلسطين اليوم-وكالات بدأ رئيس السلطة الفلسطينية محمود…

Israeli MPs Slam Netanyahu Intransigence

Foreign Office Minister: Settlement activity should stop

A lot of us can’t do much to liberate Palestine but the minimum we can do is Boycott Israel:


Reuters: 500,000 settlers “travel freely over old Green Line to & from Israel” but Pals’ “movements are restricted”

Gaza aid vessel recieves supplies as hunger strike continues.

avinunu: Photo: Palestinians in the West Bank welcome Obama #mespeech / via @JalalAK_jojo

Soldier Exposing His Buttocks To The World

Twitter Death for Occupied Palestine


AIPAC Bill will Destroy More American Jobs

Zionism vs Judaism:

Prof. Em. Richard Falk: Observing the 63rd Nakba

Jenin Jenin – The Movie – English Version

Handbook | Putting Technology to Work for Palestine Activism, V 1.0 | PDF

Handbook | Organizing Actions and Events

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