Nakba Day just a small sample of upcoming Naksa Day events

[ 21/05/2011 – 05:25 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– A new statement calls for marches progressing towards Palestinian borders on Thursday June 5, Naksa Day, just a few weeks after thousands of Palestinian refugees and Arabs made similar protests on Nakba Day.

The statement was issued by the preparatory committee for the marches of return to Palestine.

”The May 15 marches were not an isolated incident, but were rather a declaration of the foundation of a new stage of struggle in the history of the Palestinian cause, entitled: “The refugees’ right to return to their homes,” the statement says. ”For the first time ever, the Palestinians have switched from commemorating their displacement with statements, festivals, and speeches, to actual attempts to return to their homes.”

”The scene of refugees marching from all directions towards their homeland of Palestine sent a powerful message to the entire world that the refugees are determined to return to their homes however long it may take; and that 63 years were not enough to kill their dream of return; and that the new generations born in forced exile who have never seen their homeland are no less attached than their grandparents and fathers who witnessed the Nakba.”

”What happened on May 15 was only a microcosm of the larger march soon to come, a march that will be made by Palestinian refugees and those who support them. They will pass the barbed wire and return to their occupied villages and cities.”

”The crowds will head out from everywhere there are Palestinian refugees toward the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and occupied Palestine’s borders with Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, in peaceful marches raising the Palestinian flag and the names of their villages and towns, the keys to their homes, and certification papers.”

The group also called on Palestinian refugees living outside of those countries to fly into the 1948-occupied territories on that day or beforehand.


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