Brief Notes From Palestine and The Ongoing Nakhba

Kawther Salam | May 21, 2011

I still remember each small and big crime perpetrated by the zionist colonists in my homeland Palestine. I remember all the crimes as if they had happened today. Each picture reminds me of crimes, and horrors.

I am against “peace”. I love real PEACE and FREEDOM which come only from JUSTICE. I am against “peace” and “freedoms” based on deception. I am against any “peace” which results from twisting and turning the notions of PEACE and JUSTICE, which are universally understood by humans but never by zionists, into propaganda resources and the so-called “peace negotiations”. Peace does not come from “negotiations” or by the “celebration” of the memory of the Palestinian Catastrophe (Nakba) at UN headquarters by small groups of traitors, or by zionists reviving and commemorating the holocaust as a justification for the continuous occupation for Palestine. Peace ONLY comes by the unconditional return of the usurped rights to their owners, by holding tribunals of justice for the plunderers, by unequivocally assigning guilt to the guilty and putting them into prisons, which are the only right places for them to be.

I will NEVER, EVER forget or forgive the zionist plunderers and mass murderers whom I met in my stolen and occupied homeland. NOTHING can displace the horrific pain they planted in the deepest of my heart. Whatever the world thinks about Palestine and the zionist israeli “state”, whatever the politicians cook up in their backrooms in order to belittle the issue within the Palestinians and Palestine, and whatever the zionsts and their American allies and western “friends” shout in their propaganda will be able to change the fact that I am a victim of zionism and the “state of israel”, that my family was expelled from their homeland until 1948, in order to make room for the establishment of the enemy of all humanity called “Israel” in Palestine, in the heart of the Middle East.

A Brief Explanation Of The “Civil Administration”:

Click on the small image to see the ethnic cleansing orders issued and signed by the “civil administration”. See more orders.

The Israeli “civil administration”, “המנהל האזרחי” was established in the occupied territories by the israeli military occupation in 1967 with the express purpose of changing the geography and the demography of Palestine. It was established on private Palestinian properties located on the highest hills on lands belonging to the historical villages of Betin, Al-Bireh and Dora Al- Qare’a west of Ramallah. The land has fertile soil and several natural springs. With the land theft and implantation of the “civil administration”, the name the old Biten hill was renamed to “Bethel” and “Beit Ell” (or “Beit Il”). This was done by the jewish invaders to support their claim that “God promised the land to the Prophet Ibrahim” (and by extension “gave” it to them). To give strengthen their claim, the place was renamed as “God’s house”, or “Beit-Assad”, what means “House of the Lion”, in reference to an obscure place named in the Torah. The zionist colonists believe that “the village of the house of gods” was founded and built on the ruins of a village on the borders of the “Kingdom of Judea” and the “Kingdom of Israel”, in Hebrew “house of gods”.

In the legal field, this colonial office, the “civil administration”, would operate by imposing on the Palestinian population, among others, the obsolete and dictatorial laws of the Ottoman empire and their military occupation, the dictatorial Jordanian laws, the British colonial laws, and by interpreting israeli laws in unfavorable ways whenever Palestinians were concerned. “Legality” and “law” concerns the “civil administration” only if and insofar as it is useful to further their purpose of existence, namely the wholesale plunder of all the Palestinian natural resources such as water, minerals, natural resources etc, and implementing wholesale ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinians.

One example of their modus operandi is the issuance of “military orders” which confiscate Palestinian agricultural lands, mandate uprooting trees, demolishing homes and even leveling whole cities, towns, and villages to the ground. These destroyed and depopulated areas are later used to build zionist jewish colonists, all “legalized” by orders from this same “civil administration” under the guise of and justified by disingenuous phrases such as “coordinating and administering civilian and humanitarian Palestinian issues in the occupied territories” or “administration of civil and humanitarian missions” or by changing the name of the Palestinian occupied territories into “Judea & Samaria”. In truth, all the missions of the “civil administration” are of plunder, genocide, ecocide, mass murder, rape and even petty theft.

As Palestinians, we see the principle of falsifying history to justify plunder and ethnic cleansing by changing the name of the place to something with a pious ring to it, we see how the demography of a place is changed according to the will of fundamentalists rabbis. Beit Ell, this “house of gods” of the zionist occupation, the military colonial authority, is a court where iniquity is dispensed, a jail, a house of racism and racist hatred, of brutality and inhumanity, a house where the Palestinian prisoners are customarily tortured, beaten, raped, incarcerated, humiliated, insulted, demeaned, used for medical experiments, drugged, poisoned, starved, murdered. To call such a dark place “house of gods” gives a revealing insight into the depraved minds of these criminals, it shines a glaring light on everything zionism and israel are all about and what they consider sacred – it is the clearest evidence that israel is the antithesis of everything human, more even than the hate-crazed decrees of so many israeli rabbis, which declare that non-jews are worth less than beasts and can be killed at leisure. (Click once on the picture to make it bigger).

The “civil administration” is a military branch of the Israeli war ministry – they call it “ministry of defense”, probably as an allusion to George Orwell, who in his famous novel, “1984” gave the ministry in charge of torture the name of “Ministry of Love”. In 1995 the “civil administration” was renamed to “DCL office”, which operates in the occupied territories in cities of the West Bank. In Hebron, the office is located on stolen lands on Jabal Manouh and Khallet el-dir. In Bethlehem the office is located at the Etzion colony. In Ramallah the office is Beit El. In Jenin, the office is located near the Salem village. In Nablus, the office is located near the Howara village south of the city. For Tulkarem and Qalqilyah I don’t know the locations. For Gaza there are two offices, located at the Erez crossing and at Karam Salem.

The current head of the “civil administration” is General Motti Almoz (תא”ל מוטי אלמוז), who in the last November 2010 replaced the war criminal Brigadier General Yoav (Polly) Mordechai (אלוף יואב (פולי) מרדכי). Mordechai is currently a spokesperson of the israeli ministry of war. The “civil administration” functions under the direction of the so-called “Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories” (COGAT), which is a unit within the ministry of war in Tel Aviv. It is headed since November 2009 by Major General Eitan Dangot (איתן דנגוט).

Without exception all Israeli officers, civilian officials and persons who have served at the so-called “civil administration” and (COGAT) are culpable of crimes against humanity, and they are war criminals within definitions of international laws and treaties, such as the Genève Conventions, to which israel is signatory. The reason why the “COGAT” was called into existence was to coordinate, between colonists, the israeli government, the israeli army, the diplomatic service, the jewish media worldwide and the resident jewish colonies around the world, a more “lenient” (in appearance) formula for perpetuating the realities of the occupation and ensuring the continued impunity of their crimes. It was called into existence as a response to massive and increasing worldwide protest against the crimes of israel. [Click once on the small pictures to see wanted IOF for ethnic cleansing].

Despite the bland names and well kept appearances, the israeli “civil administration” and the “COGAT” are branches of the israeli war ministry. The only purpose of these two units is to perpetrate crimes and to enable the continued perpetration of the massive crimes against humanity to which the israeli society at large has become addicted.

Video: Please click on this link

A Brief Note from Poland
Three months ago, specifically on Sunday, November 28 2010, a delegation of israeli war criminals, murderers, plunderers and occupiers who represent the zionist regime, most of them members of the above-described “civil administration” and “COGAT”, were sent to Poland by their government. In total, about 150 israeli zionists, military officers, arrived in Poland to “visit  synagogues” and to commemorate the holocaust, which meanwhile lies about 70 years in the past and concerns few outside of jewish circles. The added benefit of these “commemorations” will be to keep pumping millions of dollars and Euros from the treasuries of the European and non-European countries into israel, and even more important, they will help to divert the international public opinion away from the israel’s obscene penchant for perpetrating genocide. The jewish agency, of which the “state of israel” is a front, invented a program of journeys which they called “Witnesses in Uniform”, apparently some new kind of “fashion show” of the holocaust industry, run by the IOF.

As a victim of ethnic cleansing myself, I find it beyond belief and disgusting in the extreme that these blood guzzlers have the nerve to travel around the world, clamoring victim-hood and siphoning millions from the pockets of the guilt-tripped the tax-payers of many nations. But not enough with that, the “Witnesses in Uniform” programs send their war criminals around the world to present the crimes they perpetrate in Palestine as a “humanitarian issues”.

In a related development, the Israeli Knesset adopted on March 23 2011 two controversial laws which worsen discrimination against the Palestinian Arab minority. One law is aimed at imposing fines on Arab towns and organizations that commemorate the Nakba Day, which falls on israel’s “Independence Day”. Some Arab israelis mourn the day as a “catastrophe” because it resulted in the displacement of some 750,000 Palestinians. The other law legalizes the practice of using “admissions committees” in small towns in the Negev and Galilee to reject (and expel) Christian and Muslim families who live in their own homeland which is settled by extremist jews.

In November 2010, the criminal officers arrived Warsaw, Tycocin, Kracow, Maidanek etc. And started whining on the jewish ruins in the former Soviet Union. The israeli jewish agency and the illegal “state of israel”  have exploited the preoccupation of the peoples of the world and the human rights organizations in the follow-up to the revolutions in the Middle East and sent the IOF mission to Warsaw in order to subvert the opportunity of those institutions and political activists who are chasing a number of the Israeli war criminals participating in the mission on charges of genocide, committing war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. The members of the IOF delegation were directly involved in several atrocities, among others the massacre of Jenin in 2002, the siege of Gaza, the so called “Operation Cast Lead”, the uncountable demolitions of Palestinian houses, towns and cities, the massive theft and plunder of Palestinian properties and lands, which were turned over to jewish colonists by the mission officers who work at the “civil administration” and IOF.

Without doubt, I would have followed legal steps against these war criminals, the representatives from the “civil administration” and the “COGAT” if the news of their visit to Poland had arrived to me at the right time. I would have been able to invite a number of their victims, particularly the civilian victims and casualties, children, elderly men, women and sick people who experienced ethnic cleansing at the hands of these criminal “tourist” officers in Poland. The victims who had their homes demolished and their lands “confiscated” in the “al-Baqa” neighborhood of Hebron, in Amniyr, Tuba, Janba and Susia in Yatta, in Bil’in and Ni’lin, as well as the Bedouins from Jahalin and many other civilian victims in every town, city and village in the occupied territories in the West Bank who can be easily reached.

All these people are waiting to celebrate the visit of the war criminals to the international tribunals, they will be happy to show welcoming signs in the right way and to make sit-ins around the monuments of holocaust in Warsaw and other Polish towns. These Palestinian civilians are not terrorists or member of Hamas or the Fatah resistance, they are simply the victims of ethnic cleansing operations perpetrated by the IOF and the “civil administration” and “COGAT” officers who visit Poland to shed crocodile tears for the holocaust. I am sure that if the Polish public opinion knew the truth about these israeli officers and what they did to the innocent civilians Palestine in the occupied territories, they would cover and drown these officers in a storm of spitting.

A Short Who is Who of the Occupation

Among the Israeli officers who visited Poland are some very interesting members of the so-called “civil administration” and the “COGAT”. Among them are Col. Alex Rosenzweig, (אל”מ אלכס רוזנצוייג), Major Peter Lerner, (סרן לרנר פיטר), spokesperson of the commander; “central command” Avi Mizrahi;  Lt. Amir Koren (סגן אמיר קורן), deputy speaker of the “civil administration”,  Maj. Gen. (res.) Baruch Spiegel, (אלוף (מיל’) ברוך שפיגל former head of the “civil administration” in the occupied territories; Colonel (res.) Baruch Nagar, (אל”מ (מיל ‘) ברוך נגר), former head of the “civil administration” in the Hebron; Col. Shlomi Mukhtar, (אל”מ שלומי מוכתר), deputy commander of the mission; General Eitan Dangot, (כללי דנגוט איתן), head of COGAT; Lt. Col. Moshe Levy, (אל”מ משה לוי) commander of the crossings into the Gaza concentration camp, and many other war criminals. According to these (COGAT) officers they, are implementing a “humanitarian mission” in the occupied territories. Below is a brief story of a person who was subjected to their “humanitarian” duties, a cancer patient, died after long and inhuman process with the (COGAT).

Physicians for Human Rights calls for urgent action Ahmad Abu Tir, a cancer patient 28 year old resident of Gaza, directed life-saving medical care that is unavailable in Gaza. Mr. Abu Tir welcome the Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem, and holds the Palestinian Authority commitment to cover the cost of medical treatment there; but his departure from the Gaza Strip to the hospital denied by the ISA, “security” grounds. Abu Tir, a subject ID Tax. 906 735 014, 28, from Gaza in August. last year was diagnosed as suffering from cancer a Hodgkins lymphoma. He went seven series chemotherapy in Gaza, but his body did not respond to treatment. CT examination performed in May this year, a lump center chest enlarged lymph nodes. That same month, the patient was referred urgently to the Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem, to continue life-saving treatment.

Abu Tir was invited to the hospital in June, but his request for an exit permit from Gaza – submitted by the Palestinian Civil Committee – rejected by the Shin Bet “security” grounds. Abu Tir turned to Physicians for Human Rights, delivered the papers and medical consultation with Professor Dina Ben Yehuda, director of hematology at the array Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. Professor Ben Yehuda stated her opinion unequivocally, that since the patient does not respond to the treatment of ABVD (first stage of cancer treatment such Hodgkins lymphoma), it was in Gaza, he must urgently move to hospital in Jerusalem for combination therapy with aggressive chemotherapy, radiation and injecting Thai father. Late June, the association turned to the patient’s name IDF (DCO), please move urgently to East Jerusalem to receive the above treatment. Two days later, last week, the DCO informed PHR that request was denied by the ISA and that engine going patient medical treatment.

It should be emphasized that this young man, suffering from disease prognosis, treatment is true, are high. If, however, will remain in Gaza without proper treatment, this means a clear danger to his life. There is room to question the decision of the ISA, adopted in only two days, putting the patient at risk of life, instead of allowing him to receive the medical treatment that might save him. Physicians for Human Rights expresses its deep concern for his health and life of Ahmad Abu Tir, requires that it be transferred to hospital it is addressed without further delay. What can you do? You can contact the following factors, and demanded the immediate departure of the acting Mr. Abu Tir medical treatment. Please continue to call even if it is busy, no answer, etc.

• DCO head, Colonel Moshe Levy – Tel.: 08-6741414/5/7 Fax: 08-6741625
• Gaza DCO humanitarian dep. – Tel.: 08-6741480, 050-6246664, Fax: 08-6718047
• DCO war room – Tel.: 086 741 400
• Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories – Tel.: 03-6975351, 03-6977465 Fax: 03-6976306
• COGAT spokesman Peter Lerner – Tel.: 03-6977138
• Prime Minister, You can talk to the Shoshi Golan) – Tel.: 03-6109898, Fax: 02-6546717.
• Defense Minister Ehud Barak, it is – Tel.: 03-6975436, Fax: 03-6976218, e-mail: minister [at] mod [dot] gov [dot] il
• Assistant Defense Minister Ruth Bar – Tel.: 03-6975334, 03-6975220, Fax: 03-6962757.
For more information please call Tel.: 0547-320029

See the video of the latest “Humanitarian mission” implemented by the “COGAT” and the civil administration. See more videos.

I know in person a number of the named officers who went to Poland, and I know exactly what they did in the occupied territories. I have documented many of their crimes as a journalist and as an eyewitness. I often met these officers in my homeland. Some of them issued my pass or permit of “controlled movement” in my homeland Palestine. Some of them punished me for my writing things which they did not like. Some of them treated me “politely” in return for not to reporting about their crimes, some of them received me in their offices to discuss what I had published in the newspapers. They all considered my writing as a big threat to the existence of the israeli occupation. I will NEVER FORGET these officers and I will NEVER FORGIVE their crimes. I will do whatever is possible so that justice is achieved by jailing them.

Colonel (res.) Baruch Nagar (ברוך נגר), the current director of “Water and Sewage Infrastructures Authority” at the “civil administration” in the occupied territories, the authority which steals the water resources from the occupied territories and does not allow the Palestinians to drill artesian wells while they suffer a shortage of water, the authority which allows the squatter colonies to pour waste water on Palestinian agricultural lands and spread the diseases like malaria and typhoid among the Palestinians.

Nagar was before head of the “civil administration” in Hebron. He dealt in one way or another “positively” with several issues I raised in his office. In 1997, Nagar submitted my complaint against CORRUPTION at the office of the zionist colonist “David Kishk” at the office of “civil administration” headquarter in Beit Ell to then president Efraim Sneh. David Kishik was not only stealing the Palestinian lands and issuing demolition orders for their homes, but he was also using his power and receiving money and building projects under the name of his wife. Kishik is the son of the Israeli “First Madam” “Shula Cohen” and brother of Yitzhak Levanon, the current israeli ambassador to Egypt. Nagar also called me “Khutsbanit” (אתה אחד שרמוטה), after I published something that tasted bitter for him. “Khutsbanit” is a word for the women who sell their favors to men on the streets. Nagar had previously been tried for assaulting and beating several Palestinians when he was deputy governor of the military in Ramallah.

Lieutenant Col. Fuad Halhal (סגן אלוף פואד חלחל), a druze but an extremist zionist and criminal more than the jewish zionists. Currently Halhal is a “COGAT” officer and teaches others how to perpetrate war crimes in a unit stationed in the Palestinian territories. Halhal was involved in the Jenin Massacre in 2002 during which hundreds of civilians were murdered and a significant part of the city was destroyed.

During his military service at the “Civil Administration” of Hebron as an officer at the permits department under command of Shalom Goldstein and Baruch Nagar, Halhal once sent me a psychiatric patient, Falah T., so that he would marry me. Falah is a son of a well-known and respected family in Hebron, but he suffered of “schizophrenia” since he had served with the US Marines, forcefully divorced from his American wife and finally forced to leave the USA. Falah had also been severely beaten by his colleagues at the USMC, apparently out of racist hatred, and he had only one tooth left as a consequence. Halhal had discussed with Falah the idea to marry me and promised him to provide the necessary financial support and all other requirements of the marriage ceremony, but on condition that Falah would prevent me from working as a journalist.

Falah did everything possible to convince me to marry him. He sent my family all the influential people he could get hold of, among others the head of Islamic Wakf, Sheikh Tayseer Al-Tamimi, to talk to my family to so they would accept Falah as a husband for me. When Falah failed in the task assigned to him, he returned to Col. Hahal and told him everything about his failure.

Fuad told Falah that he should not give up and that the reason behind my rejection was that I was “not “virgin” and that he should try again and again. Fuad asked Falah to spread this rumor about me in the very conservative civil society city of Hebron as a revenge for my refusal to marry him. The poor Falah came and told me everything he heard from Lieutenant Col. Fuad Halhal. He also told me that Capt. Eyal, the military assistant of Col. Baruch Nagar, had asked a friend of mine to spy on my journalistic work.

Col. Baruch Nagar was not happy to hear the silly behavior of his officer Halhal. He commanded him in front of me to stop his childish behavior. I was later told by the poor Falah that Cap. Eyal had punished him: he locked Falah into the toilet of the “civil administration” office in Hebron without food or water for drinking for one day, because of his failure and because he had told me all what he had heard from the officers.

Halhal met Falah as the translator of an American zionist spy Alin, who introduced herself to Hebronite citizens as a convert Muslim and a human rights activists, but she was actually a spy for the Israeli occupation and the CIA. Alin settled in the “Kiryat Araba” colony during the first Intifada and opened an office in the center of Hebron. She falsified several legal documents in which she invented stories about the Palestinian cause and asked International organizations to finance them. According to my information and knowledge Alin received hundred thousands of dollars which were all invested in the “Kiryat Araba” colony. Alin was spoke English and she used Falah as a translator at the office of the occupation. Falah was never paid by Alin.

Major Peter Lerner (רב-סרן פיטר לרנר), a former member of the Bnei Akiva terrorist group, a British citizen, former spokesperson of the thieves at the “civil administration”. He is very qualified in justifying ethnic cleansing, the demolishing of Palestinian homes, the “confiscation” of their lands and transferring their property to the European and American zionist squatters in Palestine. Lerner was formerly in charge of the entrance to the Gaza concentration camp at the so-called “Erez” crossing and he a spokesperson for the genocidal organizers of the IOF war crimes in Gaza. Currently Lerner is a spokesperson of the chief of IOF, the war criminal Avi Mizrahi. His name was submitted to human rights organization in the UK and hopefully they will succeed in obtaining an arrest warrant against him and his wife whenever they travel to the UK.

Col. Alexander (Alex) Rosenzweig (אל”מ אלכס רוזנצוויג), who joined the team which visited Poland to cry about the holocaust was the daily translator of my Arabic articles to Hebrew, he submitted the translations to the military headquarters in Hebron, Beit Ell, “COGAT” and the chief of staff of the “central command”. Rosenzweig speaks Arabic fluently. He served in Hebron as a vice governor under Colonel Baruch Nagar. He was issuing my control permits which allowed me to work from 8AM to 6PM. Sometimes I was punished because of my writings and denied the “travel permit”, the freedom of movement in my own homeland. Rosenzweig called me many times to ask for the further clarification of some Arabic words which he did not understand during translation. Currently Rosenzweig is head of the “Civil Department headquarters coordination activities in the territories”.

Rosenzweig is the head of the Israeli team which does not allow tomato paste, bananas, spaghetti, etc. to enter the Palestinian concentration camp of Gaza since 2006 UNTIL NOW. Have you ever heard about a bomb made with tomato paste and spaghetti? Rosenzweig heads the team which does not allow the issuance of medical permits for the sick Palestinian people who suffer of Cancer, kidney diseases and other incurable diseases which are a direct consequence of radiation poisoning and the use by the IOF of internationally prohibited weapons and ammunitions, what makes him responsible for the death of hundreds.

Rosenzweig is also the head of the team at the COGAT office which instructs the officers in Gaza and the occupied West Bank to bargain with the relatives of sick people to work with the Israeli intelligence (Shin Bet) as a price for the issuance of medical pass permits for their relatives.

Col. Rosenzweig received his dirty post as an organizer organizing of the murder of sick Palestinians from the former head of the COGAT, General Yaacov “Jakob” Or (a.k.a. Jacob Mendelson, יעקב אוריעקב (מנדי) אור), a religious zionist and former commander of the psychopath Golani unit who served from 1997-2001 and “confiscated” half of the occupied territories, and then he received a new post as an officer responsible for the “security system” at the “state comptroller” office. Rosenzweig continued in this position under Amos Gilad (עמוס גלעד) who headed the COGAT from 2001-2003. Rosenzweig continued in his position under Yosef Mishlav (יוסף מישלב) from 2003-2008. Mishlav is a war criminal, a Druze traitor from Abu Sinan. Currently Mishlav is the director of the Haifa district, the so-called “Interior Ministry’s Northern District” since November 7 2008. Rosenzweig currently works under the current head of the COGAT, Eitan Dangot (איתן דנגוט) who received this position on November 2009.

Below is a list of Israeli war criminal officers who headed the COGAT and implemented inhuman measures against Palestinians.

  • Shlomo Gazit: 1967-1974
  • Rafael Rodi: 1974-1976
  • Abraham Orly: 1976-1979
  • Danny Mat: 1979-1982
  • Rehavia Verdi: 1982-1983
  • Binyamin Ben Eliezer: 1983-1984
  • Shmuel Goren: 1984-1995
  • Danny Rothschild: 1995-1997
  • Yacov Orr: 1997-2001
  • Amos Gilad: 2001-2003
  • Yossi Mishlav: 2003-2008
  • Eitan Danghout: 2009 – present

Below is a list of Israeli war criminal officers who headed the “civil administration” and implemented ethnic cleansing and inhuman measures against Palestinians.

  • Rafael Vardi, (רפאל ורדי), born in Lodz, Poland
  • Baruch Spiegel, (ברוך שפיגל).
  • Efraim Sneh, (אפרים סנה).
  • Dov Sadaka (Fufi), (תא”ל דב צדקה).
  • Ilan Paz (Pitzi), (אילן פז ,פיצי).
  • Yousif Mishlav (Druze), (יוסף מישלב).
  • Kamil Abu Rukn (Druze), (כמיל אבו-רוקון).
  • Yoav (Polly) Mordachai, (אלוף יואב (פולי) מרדכי).
  • Motti Almoz, (מוטי אלמוז).

Below is a list of Israeli officers, the central commands, who have headed the murder and plunder operations of Palestine since 1948

  • Gen. Zvi Ayalon 1948 to 1952 until November 1949, he was also deputy chief of staff.
  • Gen. Yosef Avidar 1952–1953.
  • Gen. Zvi Ayalon 1954–1956.
  • Gen. Zvi Zur 1956–1958.
  • Maj. Gen. Meir Amit 1958–1959.
  • Gen. Yosef Geva 1960–1966.
  • Gen. Uzi Narkis 1966-1968 period “Six-Day War”.
  • Gen. Rehav’am Ze’evi 1968–1972.
  • Gen. Yona Efrat 1973-1977.
  • General Moshe Levy 1977-1981.
  • Gen. Ori Orr 1981-1983.
  • Gen. Amnon Lipkin-Shahak 1983-1986.
  • Gen. Ehud Barak, 1986-1987.
  • Gen. Amram Mitzna 1987-1989 during the first intifada.
  • Major General Yitzhak Mordechai 1989-1991.
  • Gen. Danny Yatom 1991-1993.
  • Gen. Nehemia Tamari 1993-1994 killed in helicopter crash while perpetrating crimes.
  • Gen. Danny Yatom 1994.
  • Gen. Ilan Biran 1994-1995.
  • Gen. Uzi Dayan, 1996-1998.
  • General Moshe Ya’alon 1998-2000.
  • Gen. Yitzhak Eitan 2000-2002 during the “Operation Defensive Shield”
  • Major General Moshe Kaplinsky, 2002-2004.
  • Gen. Yair Naveh 2004-2007, during the Second Lebanon War
  • Gen. Gadi Shamni 2007-2009
  • Gen. Avi Mizrahi in 2009 – the current Central Command chief

Source Kawther Salam

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Israel is not looking for Peace



Martyred By Israeli Occupation Attacks

انّا للہ و انّا الیه راجعون

May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ ala grant the Shuhada Jannatul Firdaus, and ease it for their families, loved ones and anyone around them. Allahumma Ameen ya Rabbil Alameen. ‘ Inna Lillahi wa ‘ Inna ‘ Ilayhi Raji’un, Allahu Akbar


* The list of shuhada does not display, the numerous victims of the zionist occupation which are undocumented by media. Nor it displays the victims of the “silent onslaught” due to restrictions of movement, ability to go to hospitals for treatment or life saving surgery, due to lack of medication because of the blockades and so on. For example: The Slow Motion Genocide by the Siege on Gaza only, killed 600 patients since Gaza got under Israeli Siege.

For an overview of All Israeli Massacres Palestinians go here

Neither does this list, display the avoidable mortality. A clear and statistical factual evidence, about the number of deaths due to indecent ruling by occupation forces. For even an occupier has obligations under International Laws, Geneva Convention and the Hague regulations, which it is neglecting. These circumstances, together with deliberate policies of the occupier to neglect and even deny every basic human right, severes avoidable mortality which is totally silenced by media or reporting organisations. While in the Holocaust, 1 on 6 Jewish people directly died of deliberate neglect, so if we believe the facts over 1 million due to avoidable mortality, neither should these same circumstances be ignores which are ongoing in Palestine. For this report displays a avoidable morality of at least 0,5 million Palestinians.

How many more dead corpses of Palestinians does the international community need to see in order to act? How many more cruelties and violations of Human Rights, Regulations and International Law will be needed to intervene so this ongoing warcrime is being stopped once and for all.

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