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May 22, 2011 | GAZA PALESTINE | TODAY NEWS LINKS| Gaza has been under siege for 1439 days | Spread-Share-Link or Tweet the News!


♻ QUICK INSIGHTS  | Brief Notes From Palestine and The Ongoing Nakhba

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♻ Special Topic | Israel’s Weapons a Crime on Humanity

♻ Special Topic | Children of Palestine – Action Alert

Special Topic | Children of Palestine  – in pictures

♻ Special Topic: Colonialism & Ethnic Cleansing

Exclusive |  Interactive map of Palestine villages destroyed during Nakba

♻ Special Topic:  Settler Violence

♻ Special Topic: Palestine Unity Protests March 15

♻ Special Topic: Gaza Under Israeli Attacks

Special Topic  Mothers of Palestine – in pictures

♻ Special Topic: All about Gaza Cast Lead War Memorial  | Updates, News, Sources

Special Topic: Vittorio Arrigoni: Vik | a Friend, a Brother, a Humanist

Special Video : Onadekom ( Calling You )For Vic, Peace & Justice – Must See

♻ Special Topic: WHITE WASH WATCH | Goldstone’s Reconsiderations on Gaza Cast Lead Report

♻Special Topic: Misconceptions & Myths about the Israel Palestine Conflict

Special Topic | Palestine’s Refugee Revolution #MAY15 | ANNOUNCEMENTS & EVENTS

Special Album: The World Commemorate Al Nakba 2011 – in pictures

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  2. Israeli Confessions – video
  3. Children of Palestine – pictures & poetry
  4. Palestine’s Refugee Revolution #MAY15 – announcements – news
  5. New database reveals weapons to Israel, impact on Palestinians – chemical weapons
  6. UN Special Rapporteur: Israel Killed 1300 Palestinian Children Since 2000 – UN Report
  7. Israeli Army: We use Gaza military operation to test new weapons
  8. Mothers of Palestine | فلسطين
  10. Abeer, a child victim of Zionist cruelty – video

…continuous updates…

Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism

AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know – video

Gideon Levy: It’s called ethnic cleansing

Israel’s-Zionist Offensive To Derail Palestinian Statehood

Amnesty report: Gaza blockade – violation of int’l law,7340,L-4068082,00.html

Greenwashing Apartheid: New eBook of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network – Free Download

IOF soldiers ransack village, fire teargas inside homes in Al-Khalil

JfJfP condemns killings by Israel of Nakba-day demonstrators

BBC: British Broadcasting Censorship

Netanyahu-Obama saga: A Post-it To American Jewish Friends

West Bank businessmen to rebuild Gaza Strip

Palestinian factions to boycott unity government

Erasing Links to the Land in the Negev

Obama’s speech to AIPAC affirms commitment to Israel and US policies that doom it

Salfit women say stoned by settler youth

Israel: New Laws Marginalize Palestinian Arab Citizens

Fire at field near Kiryat Arba, Hebron

Christians commemorating Nakba – زينوا الساحة – فرقة صمود التلحمية (ذكرى النكبة 2011 – video

Please read and share,we fight for the same cause,Israelis and Palestinians — How do you define “Coexistence”?

IOF soldiers arrest 3 Palestinians

University of London boycotts Israel

Qatar Charity to Plant One Million Fruitful Trees in Palestine

Action Alert : Family issues appeal for missing Jerusalem teen

After Israel criticism Obama does U-turn,Netanyahu ‘pleased’ with Obama’s AIPAC address and more

Reactions in Iran to Obama’s Speech: All of Palestine Belongs to the Palestinians

Reflections on Nakba Day 2011, from the Palestinian diaspora

UK minister ‘deeply disappointed’ in settlements call

Jerusalem police close alleged Hamas office

Obama seeks to soothe Israel on Mideast vision

Israel to Build New Settlements

Obama to AIPAC: UN vote won’t create Palestine,7340,L-4072261,00.html

YNet: Tel Aviv: Hundreds protest Obama speech,7340,L-4072381,00.html

Obama restates ’67 stance after ‘misrepresentation’

Jordan’s monarch warns of new Palestinian intifada

Obama reaffirms the idea of a Palestine based on 1967 lines

Hamas: Obama will not force Israel recognition

Palestinian Meets Jordan”s Premier

The Kufiyeh Project

The Last Keffiyeh Factory In Palestine

Imagine If London Was Occupied by Israel – video

ULU: Why We Voted for Boycott

Israeli settlers dump sewage in Palestinian town

Suspected spy shot by masked men near Nablus:

█ Action Alert ▶  Anti-Occupation activist Matan Cohen needs your help NOW:

Obama’s Flawed Approach to the Israel/Palestine Conflict | By Richard Falk

Since March, for just a few hours every Thursday, a group of students in Gaza has been able to break the Israeli Siege

Thousands refused passports in Gaza

US will help seal Israel-Palestinian peace: Jordan

Close attention to Obama’s latest words on Israel

New: With love and respect from the bottom of my heart to my Italian Family

Israel approves nearly 300 settlements

Lynch mob imagery: While Obama panders at AIPAC, Israelis protest him in Tel Aviv carrying nooses

Reaction to Obama’s speech in Cairo cafes: Al-Masri Al-Yawm summarizes the reactions in Cairo cafes to Obama’s s…

For 6 days the Malaysia boat could not enter Gaza, carrying 7.5 Km of PVC plastic sewage pipe

Palestinians plan fresh protests to mark war anniversary

Palestinians plan fresh protests to mark war anniversary

West Bank contractors to help Gaza reconstruction

Holocaust survivor Heidi Epstein in mock Flotilla at AIPAC2011. She will be going on the real flotilla.#ChallengeAIPAC

Malaysian Gaza aid ship MV Finch Still Stranded, Water Supply Running Out

Does AIPAC know what all of the checkpoints are for? New video testimony

Move Over AIPAC Flashmob (DC Union Station) – video

Palestinian Youth Killed By Army Fire In Central Gaza

Eight Palestinians, Including Four Children, Wounded In Hebron

Detained Hamas Leader Calls For Suspending Talks With Fateh

Action Alert ▶  On June 5th support the Palestinian refugees’ right to return | #palestine | #FF @ismpalestine


Director, Israeli Government Press Office: “We don’t do enough public relations…I want to sell Israel as a democracy”

Yazji: “Shalit is the only hope for our prisoners” – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Netanyahu is bad for Israel

Israeli occupation forces storm a number of districts in the West Bank at dawn and arrest three Palestinians

GIYUS calls Jews of world to web duty,7340,L-3281619,00.html

Netanyahu downplays rift with Obama

8 PLO factions to boycott technocrat government

Israel’s leader denies crisis with US

Five Palestinians Detained in the West Bank

Turkish Foreign Minister Warns Israel over New Gaza Flotila

Flotilla organizers seek protection from Israel…

International Committe of the Red Cross: Gaza – No end in sight to hardship and despair

Israeli soldiers hurt Palestinians in Hebron

Spirit of Rachel Corrie Ship

Hamas Fatah officials meet in Moscow to bolster reconciliation & update 8 PLO factions to boycott technocrat government

Palestinians call for renewed border protests on anniversary of Six-Day War

Brief Notes From Palestine and The Ongoing Nakhba

Gaza film students use internet to break the blockade

Open Letter to President Obama by Ray McGovern – Salem-News.Com

Illegitimate but untouchable: Israeli settlements and American foreign policy

Report: Obama wants UK to back 1967 border

State of Palestine Stamps your Passport! – video

Another victim of Occupation 2011 | IOF shooting kills Ibrahim Farajallah 17 years old , wounds another

Tears Of Gaza

Nakba, the Palestine catastrophe… Can anyone hear me?  -a poem

Soldier Exposing His Buttocks To The World

Twitter Death for Occupied Palestine


AIPAC Bill will Destroy More American Jobs

Zionism vs Judaism:

Prof. Em. Richard Falk: Observing the 63rd Nakba

Jenin Jenin – The Movie – English Version

Handbook | Putting Technology to Work for Palestine Activism, V 1.0 | PDF

Handbook | Organizing Actions and Events

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