The Kufiyeh Project – in pictures

kufiyeh [kuhfeeuh]

Noun. Arab headdress made from a diagonally folded square of cloth with a checkered pattern.

The Kufiyeh Project seeks to promote the kufiyeh as a symbol of the Palestinian struggle for justice and to support its continued production in Palestine. The website features information about the kufiyeh’s background and production, links to further information and multimedia, and a store section. As this project grows, so too will the website’s content!

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In Pictures

In 2000, there were over 120 textile factories scattered across the West Bank, now only the Herbawi Factory remains. Below a selection of pictures of the Herbawi Factory in Hebron, the last authentic and real factory in Palestine which produces real Kefiyeh.

Don’t “settle” for a fake chines one which is harming Palestinian culture, heritage and economy… buy a real one and support them the same time!

More photography | The Last Keffiyeh Factory In Palestine

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