IOF seal-off sheikh Jarrah suburb as settlers attack Palestinian children

[ 23/05/2011 – 10:29 AM | PIC ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation troops sealed-off Sunday the Sheikh Jarrah suburb in the occupied city of Jerusalem after extremist Israeli settlers went on the rampage in the area and attacked Palestinian children and women.

The Quds Press agency quoted Palestinian journalist Rasem Abdul Wahid, a resident of the suburb, as saying that a number of extremist Israeli settlers assaulted Palestinian children in the suburb prompting strong clashes by hands with Palestinian families who rushed to save their children.

He added that one of the settlers who had occupied part of the house of Palestinian citizen Refqa Al-Kurd unleashed his dog to terrorize and assault Palestinian children and women.

The IOF troops, he explained, arrived to the suburb and sealed it but instead of expelling the Israeli attackers, they arrested a number of Palestinian minors alleging they attacked the settlers.

The suburb has witnessed earlier fierce clashes between Palestinian citizens who defended their homes and resisted Israeli orders to vacate them on allegation they belong to Israeli settlers.

The Israeli occupation authority was doing everything it could to force Palestinian-Jerusalemites out of Jerusalem city in a bid to completely judaize it and distort its Arab and Muslim identity.


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