Israel detains mother of senior Hamas official

[ 23/05/2011 – 12:59 PM | PIC ]

Arouri’s mother hugs him when he was released from an occupation jail

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Israeli forces arrested Monday morning the mother of senior Hamas official Saleh al-Arouri after raiding her home in Aroura village near Ramallah.

Soldiers surrounded the Arouri residence in the village and then tampered with the contents inside while searching the premises, Salama al-Arouri told the Palestinian Information Center.

He added that they notified Arouri’s mother Aisha, 70, that an arrest warrant had been issued against her. The soldiers brutally apprehended her when she expressed refusal to respond.

Arouri said his mother suffers from several illnesses and is unable to walk without the help of others. He held Israel liable for harm caused to her.

Arouri’s son Asim was arrested a few days back for questioning.

The Hamas politburo member spent a total of 18 years in Israeli prisons before Israel exiled him to Syria last year.

The Ahrar prisoner studies center said in a statement that the ”cowardly act” was aimed at pressuring the Arouris, an active Palestinian family.

It was not the first incident where Israel abducted the mothers of activists, said Fuad al-Khuffash, Ahrar center director. A year back, Rabi’a Bilal was arrested to pressure her sons during interrogations. Israel also arrested the mother and wife of Yahya Ayyash, who was wanted and on the run.


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