Israel eases weapons smuggling to Gaza to allow for scheme against resistance

Israeli intelligence accused of facilitating the smuggling of booby-trapped weapons into Gaza that explode upon use or testing

Saleh Naami , Monday 23 May 2011 | Al Ahram Online

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement accused Israel of smuggling booby-trapped weapons into Gaza in order to damage the capacity of the resistance.

Abu Ahmad, spokesperson for the group’s armed wing, the al-Quds Brigades, said that Israeli intelligence is selling the rigged weapons in Sinai so that arms dealers there will smuggle them into the Gaza Strip.

Islamic Jihad’s website Palestine Today reported Abu Ahmad’s statements that Israeli intelligence is rigging these weapons to explode when used by Palestinian resistance fighters, whether in testing or use against Israeli targets.

Abu Ahmad explained that Israel is promoting the sale of booby-trapped weapons such as mortars or RPGs in an effort to undermine the resistance and reduce its ranks.

He added that Israel has resorted to such measures because it rejects arms transfers to Gaza and is trying to cut arms supply lines to the resistance.

Abu Ahmad stressed that the Palestinian resistance has vast experience dealing with such schemes and exposing the rigged weaponry, warning that inexperienced resistance fighters should leave the job to more capable fighters.


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