What Will Happen Tomorrow in Joseph’s Tomb East of Nablus?

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23.05.11 – 14:10 Nablus – Amin Abu Wardah – PNN/Exclusive – Few hours separate us from the visit of Jewish settlers and right-wing Israeli parliamentarians to Joseph’s Tomb, located east of Nablus city in northern West Bank.


settlers in the West Bank

The visit was announced after the Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak gave the okay to right-wing Israeli MPs to visit the tomb during the day under the protection of the Israeli army.
Sources said the visit is in response to a shooting incident last month, when a Palestinian police officer opened fire on Israeli settlers who invaded the tomb, killing one settler.
Joseph’s tomb, a holy place for Jews, Muslims and Christians, lies under Palestinian Authority control in Nablus. An agreement states that Jewish worshipers will visit the place after co-ordination between the Palestinian and Israeli security forces.
In Nablus, people are organizing to protest the settlers’ visit, fearing they will take over the holy site and prevent Palestinian worshipers from entering the place.
A facebook group was started and called for people to go to Joseph’s Tomb east of the city tomorrow at 11 a.m., the time scheduled for the Israeli settlers and MPs to visit.
The calls on facebook were issued by the Popular Resistance Front and called for a non-violent protest to stop the settlers from entering Joseph’s Tomb.
Emad Ishtawi, head of the Popular Resistance Front, said the protest is to stop settlers from taking over Palestinian land and holy places and to counter Zionist claims over the land.


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