Spirit of Rachel Corrie Aid Ship Forced To Dock at El Arish, Steering Broken

PNN – Palestine News Network  | 24.05.11 – 11:07

A week after the Spirit of Rachel Corrie, a vessel carrying aid to the Gaza strip was fired upon by the Israeli Navy, the Perdana Global Peace Organization, sponsoring the humanitarian initiative, posted a press release today saying that it was unable to get out of the Egyptian waters after having reported engine problems.

Activists on a ship named after Rachel Corrie

The press release said,

The ship’s aqua pilot sailing system has broken down and our ship is spinning, going in circles, and turning round and round. We are therefore unable to get out of the Egyptian territorial waters.”

The boat is currently docked at El Arish, Egypt and has broken steering.

On May 16, the boat was only 400 meters away from land when it came under fire from the Israeli Navy, forcing it to retreat and seek anchorage.

There are currently 12 crew members on board, including 7 Malaysians, 2 Irish, 2 Indians and 1 Canadian.

Sources: Perdana Global Peace Organization


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