Islamic Jihad: Obama speech a provocation to all Muslims

[ 25/05/2011 – 01:12 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Nafidh Azzam, the secretary-general of the Islamic Jihad’s politburo, has said that Obama’s AIPAC speech, where he called the Palestinian unity deal an obstacle to the peace process, amounted to a provocation to the Palestinians as well as to the Arabs and Muslims.

The Islamic Jihad chief pointed out that his party had only signed the unity deal with Palestinian factions in Cairo because it goes against the Israeli-American desires.

Azzam criticized the Obama speech in a statement on Tuesday saying that the positions expressed ”show that it is impossible to rely on the American position”.

”Within just a few days, the position changed in the second address from the one before it,” he said.

”Apparently Obama is unable to use terms that Israel is not accustomed to hearing from American presidents,” Azzam said, referring to Obama’s retraction after using the term Israeli ”occupation”.

He said that Obama’s calling the Palestinian reconciliation an obstacle in the way of the peace process amounted to a provocation against the Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims as a whole.

“It is necessary to challenge the US position – although we in the Islamic Jihad do not exaggerate in our expectations of the step the UN General Assembly and Security Council will take [concerning the Palestinians] because of the complexity of the Palestinian cause and because of the balance of power existing in the world today.”

In a related context, the Islamic Jihad has called the recent address by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to US Congress “a continuation of the policy of deception, lies, and fraudulence adopted by the Zionist movement”.

“What was stated in the speech is an attempt to politically write off the rights and existence of the Palestinians, and it reflects the epitome of Zionist extremism,” said Islamic Jihad spokesman, Dawud Shihab in a statement on Tuesday.

“The negotiations option no longer has any value,” Shihab said. “The response to Netanyahu should be by formulating a national vision based on the resistance program.”


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