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May 25, 2011 | GAZA PALESTINE | TODAY NEWS LINKS| Gaza has been under siege for 1442 days | Spread-Share-Link or Tweet the News!

█  ACTION ALERT ▶ Declare a Palestinian State – vote now

QUICK INSIGHTS  | Brief Notes From Palestine and The Ongoing Nakhba
QUICK INSIGHTS  | US policy in Israel/Palestine, 1948 – the forgotten history

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Special Topic | Israel’s Weapons a Crime on Humanity

Special Topic | Children of Palestine – Action Alert

Special Topic | Children of Palestine  – in pictures

Special Topic | Colonialism & Ethnic Cleansing

EI Exclusive |  Interactive map of Palestine villages destroyed during Nakba

Special Topic |  Settler Violence

Special Topic | Palestine Unity Protests March 15

Special Topic |  Gaza Under Israeli Attacks

Special Topic | Mothers of Palestine – in pictures

Special Topic | All about Gaza Cast Lead War Memorial  | Updates, News, Sources

Special Topic | Vittorio Arrigoni: Vik | a Friend, a Brother, a Humanist

Special Video | Onadekom ( Calling You )For Vic, Peace & Justice – Must See

Special Topic | WHITE WASH WATCH | Goldstone’s Reconsiderations on Gaza Cast Lead Report

Special Topic | Misconceptions & Myths about the Israel Palestine Conflict

Special Topic | Palestine’s Refugee Revolution #MAY15 | ANNOUNCEMENTS & EVENTS

Special Album |  The World Commemorate Al Nakba 2011 – in pictures

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  2. Ethnic Cleansing Video of 2011 Released by Americans – video
  3. Israeli Confessions – video
  4. Palestine’s Refugee Revolution #MAY15 – announcements – news
  5. New database reveals weapons to Israel, impact on Palestinians – chemical weapons
  6. UN Special Rapporteur: Israel Killed 1300 Palestinian Children Since 2000 – UN Report
  7. Israeli Army: We use Gaza military operation to test new weapons
  8. Mothers of Palestine | فلسطين
  10. Abeer, a child victim of Zionist cruelty – video

…continuous updates…

Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism

AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know – video

Gideon Levy: It’s called ethnic cleansing

Israel’s-Zionist Offensive To Derail Palestinian Statehood

Amnesty report: Gaza blockade – violation of int’l law,7340,L-4068082,00.html

Greenwashing Apartheid: New eBook of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network – Free Download

Action Alert ▶ Declare a Palestinian State – vote now

Poll: Netanyahu, US congress & AIPAC stand to the right of Israeli public

Swiss politicians to travel with Gaza flotilla

Netanyahu’s speech: Israel is not a good friend to the US

‘Netanyahu trying to discredit Obama’ – with video

Labor in Palestine: The Work of Resistance Gets a New Push

The man who has nothing to say but No

Campaign to vilify Gaza flotilla underway in Europe

Egypt to open Rafah crossing permanently

Oman, Palestine review ties

Amidst long hours waiting to pass to Jerusalem

Crime writer Mankell will be on next Gaza aid flotilla

Israeli military adopts ‘protocol’ to prepare for upcoming flotilla

Egypt to open Rafah border permanently

Europe set for key Palestine role

Egypt to reopen Gaza border crossing over Israeli objections

Israel can’t find soldier held in Gaza – ex-general

US, Israel dealt blow to Arab peace plan

Report: Israel to expand Jerusalem settlement (updated)

Egypt To Open Border Crossing With Gaza On Saturday : The Two-Way : NPR

How traditional Zionism & Xtian Zionism are both based on faith, not facts

Tears Of Gaza

WATCH: Faith, blind support and the Jewish state

CCR Launches Lawsuit In Connection With Last Year’s Raid of Flotilla Bound to Gaza

From @noyalooshemusic, the guy who created the Zenga Zenga Song, here’s Bi Bi Pro Americano.

Eldad Calls for Jordan to Become Palestinian State on Jordan’s Independence Day and gets the day wrong

Photo Report–Break the Siege on Gaza: Yes We Can!

Red Cross and Vatican ‘helped thousands of Nazi war criminals escape’

مركز بيسان ينظم ورشة عمل حول التعاونيات والحماية الإجتماعية للعاملين فيها: الخليل/PNN- نظم مركز بيسان للبحوث وال…

The #PalTweets Daily is out!

AUDIO: Rae Abileah of @MoveOverAIPAC speaks (around 8:00) from the hospital about being assaulted by AIPAC thugs:

Israeli arrogance is unacceptable

Obama’s Half Step

America’s Coming Nakba

Zionism and the Morality of Acceptance

اشكنازي: فشلت في العثور على شاليط و لا نعرف أين هو: فلسطين اليوم- القدس المحتلة أقر غابي أشكنازي رئيس هيئة الأرك…

Facebook Page 4 Spirit of RAchel Corrie 2 Gaza pls join in Solidarity, updates & Ltr writing

Keep this in mind when reading analysis out of Brooking’s Saban Center “Haim Saban hints: No more donations to Obama”

PLO leader: Peace process at dead end

Palestinian Official Says Netanyahu”s Speech Hampers Peace (Qtar News)

Israeli Soldiers Arrests 10 Palestinians in West Bank

Obama’s AIPAC Speech: A Further Betrayal of the Palestinian People

OIC chief calls for media campaign to publicise Israeli aggression

Don’t be fooled by the applause, Binyamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu’s Speech Shows his True Intentions; Puts Obama to the Test

Holocaust denial will land you in jail but in the U.S. Nakba denial may land you on the pages of major newspapers.

An Update on the Busta by Hagit Ofran

Abbas: Netanyahu speech is obstacle to peace

Further Settlements Announced

Settlers: We won’t live in Palestinian,7340,L-4073896,00.html

Abbas Says No Change Of Plan Regards September

PA Leadership Discusses Obama Speech

There is nothing in international law that supports Israel’s four-year-long blockade of Gaza, or its past use of…

In 1978, Netanyahu (calling himself “Ben Nitay”) called for Palestinians in West BANK to be given vote in Israel

Obama to Israel: Take whatever you want…

PLO leader: Peace process at dead end

Abbas: Netanyahu pushing back peace

Nakba Denials Must Be Condemned

Gaza: Revolution and change at the Rafah

President Abbas: We Will Go to the United Nations if No Progress Happens Before September

Obama: Palestinian UN bid a mistake,7340,L-4073937,00.html

Israeli police use new electrical stunning device on protesters

BREAKING | Egypt Tells Aid Ship Volunteers, Crew To Be Patient

BERNAMA – Documentation To Enable Rachel Corrie To Dock Being Processed – Anifah

Municipality rejects appeal to postpone Al-Bustan demolition program

Mankell to sail on next Gaza Flotilla

In this West Bank village, 80% of the homes are slated for demolition by the Israeli army
Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s Speech on Liberation Day – Naharnet

When Obama says he’s “confident that a two-state solution can be achieved,” it hardly sounds like certainty

Report: EU to rally against Israeli stance on peace

Palestinian embassy brokers Egypt medical support

PA: UN still goal for September

Israel continues to fence in Qalqiliya village

Hebron man drowns in Dead Sea

Hamas: Unity does not mean we take on Fatah’s platform (updated)

Congress applause of Netanyahu ‘pathetic’

Arab League to meet in support of the Palestinian Unity

Limited building materials cross into Gaza

La Paz de Netanyahu: “Jerusalén no debe ser dividida y debe seguir siendo la capital de Israel”

Municipality rejects appeal to postpone Al-Bustan demolition program « Wadi Hilweh Information Center…

Haniyeh: Unity in the face of Netanyahu

Abbas says Netanyahu’s speech disappointing

Look how harmless settlements look in the WINEP map PBS decided to use

Look at B’Tselem’s

Israel preparing itself for Twitter war over Palestinian state –

Qasem: Return of refugees is key to a Palestinian state

Palestinian detained, five injured in Silwan

Netanyahu rejects right of return, declares Jerusalem eternal Jewish capital

Islamic Jihad: Obama speech a provocation to all Muslims

Israel plans annexation of Salfit land

IOF troops detain 12 Palestinians

Gaza: Netanyahu’s speech a falsification of history

Abu Marzouq: Hamas will not make same ‘historic mistake’ as PLO

Netanyahu Received Warmly in Washington, Criticized by Palestinian leadership

The Palestinian Right to Dream

Netanyahu Conditions Denounced as ‘War’ by Palestinians

Israeli TV: “Netanyahu Crushed Abbas During His Congress Speech”

New Zealanders To Join Second Aid Flotilla To Gaza

Nakba, the Palestine catastrophe… Can anyone hear me?  -a poem

Soldier Exposing His Buttocks To The World

Twitter Death for Occupied Palestine


AIPAC Bill will Destroy More American Jobs

Zionism vs Judaism:

Prof. Em. Richard Falk: Observing the 63rd Nakba

Jenin Jenin – The Movie – English Version

Handbook | Putting Technology to Work for Palestine Activism, V 1.0 | PDF

Handbook | Organizing Actions and Events

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