Netanyahu rejects right of return, declares Jerusalem eternal Jewish capital

[ 25/05/2011 – 10:53 AM ]

WASHINGTON, (PIC)– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday evening in a speech to US Congress that Israel would never return to 1967 borders in any peace deal with the Palestinians.

He also declared his rejection of the Palestinian refugees’ right of return and splitting Jerusalem with the Palestinians.

The Israeli premier said that any peace agreement should reflect the demographic changes that have taken place since 1967 and should include different borders than the ”indefensible” ones of 1967.

He also highlighted that the future Palestinian state should be demilitarized.

With regard to Jerusalem, Netanyahu emphasized the need that it remains unified, saying it is impossible to split it. He claimed that Israel has provided all of the divine religions the freedom to worship in Jerusalem.

He also claimed that Israel is the land of the Jews and that the Palestinians have split it with them.

He said that the dispute is not centered on the Palestinians establishing a state, but on Israel being a Jewish state that lives in peace by its side.

”It’s time for President Abbas to stand before his people and say, ‘I will accept a Jewish state’”, Netanyahu said.

He went on to urge Abbas to “tear up” the pact he made with Hamas, alleging that Hamas wishes to indiscriminately kill Jews and is the Palestinian version of al-Qaeda.


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