Netanyahu’s Speech Shows his True Intentions; Puts Obama to the Test

25.05.11 – 12:07 | PNN

The Palestinian Leadership Remains Strong Players

By Munjed Jadou – PNN Editor in Chief – Palestinian, Arab and even Israeli commentators and political analysts, see that the region is heading towards a cross roads after the radical right-wing speech of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the US Congress on Tuesday night. It is clear to all that moving forward in the peace process cannot be done as long as Netanyahu is in power.

ImageContrary to what the politicized Israeli media is trying to market – that Netanyahu crushed his opponents, especially the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas – Netanyahu is going to face more than one crisis soon. Even though he showed a progressive position during his Congress speech, he did not back up but instead became more stringent on his view of achieving a solution. American media agencies saw that Netanyahu will be demanded to achieve the kind of progress that will bring him closer to the US administration, which means that the US is trying to save face in front of the entire world – especially to the Arabs since the US brags about its support for freedom, revolutions and Arab democracies.

The White House now faces many challenges, and Netanyahu is for sure heading to a confrontation with the Palestinian people, either in the streets or in the halls of the United Nations. The Palestinian leadership must now strengthen itself internally and internationally, especially with Arab states, in order “to be or not to be.” After the Obama speech, the revolting Arab nations now stand at a cross roads. They must decide whether they will live up to the challenge of what they said during their revolutions or become the same as the regimes they toppled. Therefore, we have to wait and be patient and not follow the Israeli and foreign media as it markets Netanyahu’s agenda.

The Palestinian leadership has managed to create an atmosphere of questioning the future of the Middle East and continue to do so by refusing to comment on President Obama’s statements that change based on votes and election games, which refused Israeli radical views, especially in light of the wide international support towards the Palestinian attempts to establish an independent state. From looking at the past, European support also changes based on interests and policies.

Palestinian leaders, who managed to drive Netanyahu out of his comfort zone by their silence and work, must now stand strong and face the US and Israeli positions, knowing that they have the support of all Palestinians to the rights and demands of their nation and their commitment to fight against internal and external agendas.

The entire world and the Palestinians are waiting for the Arab leadership and their position. Those positions will determine the nature of the upcoming stage. This means that Palestinians still hold the ball as a major player, contrary to what the Israeli media is saying or trying to market. Palestinians still can decide the future of the conflict and reopen it. The Palestinians and their leadership are still betting on the national rights and legacy of struggle and will not break in front of attempts of subjugation, intimidation and terrorism.


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