Photo Report–Break the Siege on Gaza: Yes We Can! – in pictures

English Moqawama | Lebanon

“Yes we can” is the famous slogan of the US President Barack Obama, as he adopted it during his electoral campaign indicating the capability to change. In response to these fake slogans Obama has been claiming, the US people in return replaced it with “Break the Gaza Siege: Yes We Can!”
During a protest outside the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference, the protestors unfurled banners, and chanted slogans slamming the Zionist occupation and the billions of US dollars paid from the American peoples’ money to support the occupation in Gaza and Palestine.

Also, during the conference, “Israeli” Prime Minister Benajmin was encircled with tens of American protestors who were demanding a fair policy towards the Palestinians, as well as the lifting off the Gaza siege.


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