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From +972 Magazine: To our readers,

+972 Magazine was born out of the feeling that there was a need for new perspectives beyond the regular media coverage of events in Israel/Palestine.

Since launching +972 in the summer of 2010, we have invested effort, time and energy in establishing the site, improving it and growing it, always seeking new angles and original reporting and commentary. We are proud that +972 became a useful source of information for a significant and growing audience.

+972 is a unique journalistic project, owned solely by its writers and editors. Aside from the time and efforts put in the site, the writers have also invested all the start-up funds needed to get the project running. The site is not backed by anyone; we owe nothing to any political party or organization, or to any individual or corporate interests.

Now we are seeking to ensure the continuity of +972 and to expand the site’s reach; much like every other news outlet, this requires more significant funding than we ourselves can provide.

We have concluded that the best way to continue working and improving, while still maintaining our independence, is to ask readers to contribute to our efforts. The site needs money to cover daily expenses, such as web hosting, marketing, development and design. Most importantly, there are costs involved in covering the daily news.

Please consider the articles you’ve read on +972 Magazine. Whether you’ve agreed or disagreed, shared or kept them to yourself, whether they’ve changed or reinforced your position, we sincerely hope that you feel you have got something here that you wouldn’t have found elsewhere. We are committed to providing these perspectives, and we hope you’ll decide to support our work.

If you see fit to support our work, please use this Paypal button to enter your donation; any sum you decide to contribute is welcome.

On behalf of the writers, editors, designers and supporters who have made +972 possible, we thank you for your contribution, and we look forward to providing you with fresh, independent reporting and ideas to the greatest of our abilities.

With sincere gratitude,

The +972 team


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