Abu Mohammed’s Family…A suffering story from Libya to Gaza

2011-05-26 | Stories

Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)–Their hearts were full of certainty believing there is no refuge better that their dear homeland . Family of abu Ahmed has fled war and death in Libya, leaving to their homeland , Gaza, where they have a strong belief they would  heal their pain of alienation. Realy ,they believed they have nowhere more beautiful than  Gaza.

However , they found themselves in pain itself even in their homeland as they came having nothing except their clothes , and they are still having it beside nothing.

Family’s story of pain began in March 2011 , the Libyan revolution  rose up calling for political and economic reforms and war followed it.

Abu Mohammed’s Family was  living in the area of Ras Lanuf, a hot fighting area,  when Gaddafi troops stormed their house trying to recruit 31-year-old  Mohamed and 23-year-old Ahmed.Gaddafi troops gave  them 24  to fulfill orders. Um Mohammed was so scared over her sons , so they fled the area after artillery shells fell in their home’s yard.

Abu Mohammed and his sons had  boats and fishing nets where they were so preoccupied in fishing.

Ahmed smiley said ” There are no fish in Gaza,”. Alresalah net correspondent  replied ” not exactly … there is a lot of fish but there is Israeli occupation.

”I thought I would get some rest at my homeland …we got nothing … we left our home , our properties and our work . now , we are homeless, we have no work or money” he added .

 Heba , a  25-year–old , wished to get her under a home’s roof, saying: “We  want to gather under one roof. Sometimes I regret we have come to  Gaza, we have  no place for shelter, we have  no money or work for my  brothers. I wish we have a shelter , even if one room” .

Family members are distributed among their relatives’ families , where they have arrived in Gaza since three months and they have not get help from anyone.

Heba talked to Alresalah net about the suffering  journey they had for fifteen days at Assalloum crossing , where the had so tough experience since having no food or blankets or any bedding.

She said they hoped to get some rest when reaching the home , but they did not , and now they felt frustrated of living situation they are having in their relatives’ homes.

” ”We became like who starts from the very beginning , we have  no work , no home , no money ” , Heba said , regretting their coming to Gaza.

Umm Muhammad , a 60-year-old mother , said ” the most important thing for us was to escape from Libya and access to Gaza, we  did not take anything from our properties. we paid  all what we had of  money for entering Gaza through tunnels after being prevented of going through Rafah crossing.

Their boats were sunk , and their home became a military point for  Gaddafi’s troops. Now , they have nothing in Libya.

”I was eager to be in Gaza , I can not afford  feeling as stranger in it ” said Heba in a sad voice.

Ahmed , who feels embarrassed when his cousin put some shekels in his hand as a help , said  “I wish to work and to feed my family.

 Abu Mohammed lives with hope to get some help by some relief bodies in the besieged Gaza


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