Israeli Right Disappointed in Netanyahu’s Trip to Washington Call for Speeding up Construction in East Jerusalem

PNN – Palestine News Network | 26.05.11 – 12:26

Jerusalem- PNN- Victoria Delacroix- The U.S. Congress seemed to have fallen in love with Prime Minister Netanyahu, as they rose and burst out into applause over and over and over during his speech. There was even affectionate cheering from the crowds calling him “Bibi, Bibi”. But not everything is so sweet back home.
Image The Israeli Prime Minister had said in his speech that he would be willing to make “painful compromises” when it came to the peace process, the leaders of the settlement movements are having none of it and continue to insist on building more and faster.
Many, especially those who head the settlement movement in Israel were disappointed with Netanyahu’s speech. Yesha Council Chairman Danny Dayan, who spoke to Ynet on Wednesday, told the paper that,

“It was heart-warming to see 450 congressmen, 100 senators and the vice president rise and applaud the statement that the Jewish people were not occupiers in the West Bank, but on the other hand came that miserable slip about abandoning communities.”
Yesha noted that he doesn’t think the Prime Minister will be able to see the speeding up of construction through, especially in Judea and Samaria, because the Israeli leader lacks political will.

He also underlined the urgency for speeding up the building of settlements in East Jerusalem is urgent, since,

“The number of residents has long passed the point of no return. Hundreds of thousands of people live in Judea and Samaria, and over 100,000 live outside what is called the ‘settlements blocs.’ No politician can uproot them.”

If there is a slow-down in the building of new settlements, one wouldn’t have known it in the Ras al-Amud neighbourhood, where just yesterday a new Jewish neighbourhood was opened, for 100 or so families.

This all comes on the heels of a very muddled week in Washington D.C., after President Obama’s Middle East speech caused havoc and anxiety over his reference to returning to 1967 borders, which he later tried to back pedal on in his speech to AIPAC, which was then followed by an indignant Israeli Prime Minister calling the suggestion indefensible, becoming he went onto to charm Congress. The only problem is that Mr. Netanyahu failed to charm the people who insist on putting up more obstacles to the peace process itself.



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