Appeal to Save Palestinian Prisoner’s Life

Date : 26/5/2011   Time : 16:50

JENIN, May 26, 2011 (WAFA) – The family of Palestinian prisoner Hamza Sam Qaaqour from Jenin Thursday called upon legal and humanitarian organizations to immediately intervene and save the life of their son, who is sentenced for eight years, in the Israeli Megiddo prison, according to prisoner’s Family.

Qaaqour, detained for five years now, suffers from a deteriorating health condition, particularly in his left eye in which he lost sight. The Israeli Prison administration refuses to treat him.

The family said that the prison administration continues to punish him psychologically and physically; handcuffing and leg chaining him during every visit.
Qaaqour’s family holds the Israeli authorities fully responsible for their son’s life.

Qaqqour said that the loss of his vision was due to direct hits to his face and his six month stay in the dark cells of the Israeli Jalma investigation center where he was brutally beaten and tied up in awkward positions.



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