Gaza fishermen ask for international protection in Gaza waters

[ 27/05/2011 – 11:17 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Hundreds of fishermen in the besieged Gaza Strip have urged the international community to provide them with international protection against the Israeli maritime blockade that denied them their main source of sustenance.

The call of the fishermen came as they held a sit-in near the fishermen wharf in Gaza city urging the international community to stop Israeli piracy and the indiscriminate shooting at them by the Israeli navy vessels.

They also urged the international community to help them expand the “permissible” area for fishing, saying the present three kilometer limit wasn’t enough to catch fish.

“Today, we remember our comrades who were killed in cold blood with Israeli bullets while searching for their families’ sustenance in the sea…. today, we remember the hundreds of fishermen who were arrested by the IOF troops and lost their fishing boats… we have all the right to fishing inside our waters without limitation,” said Mohammed Bakr, one of the fishermen, as he spoke before the sit-inners.


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