Isreali Threats to Halt Aide to Gaza Won’t Stop Freedom Flotilla II

PNN – Palestine News Network -27.05.11 – 14:19

London/Istanbul-PNN-Victoria Delacroix- Israeli threats to stop to newest aide flotilla that will set sail to Gaza in June has not scared off the countries participating in it. Five European countries have already pledged their support to the Freedom Flotilla II.

Image A press release from London stated that, “The European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza (ECESG), one of the flotilla’s sponsors, said the ships will carry country-level legislators and members of the European Parliament among their passengers, which will number in the hundreds.”

This comes on the heels of Turkey’s foreign minister warning Israel to stop their confrontational tactics, like the ones that were employed last year against another flotilla that was headed to gaza.

That bloody take-over by Israeli commandos resulted in 54 civilian injuries and left nine people dead, eight of whom were Turks.

In an interview on Ulke TV last night, Ahmet Davutoglu said that Israel, “has gained sufficient experience” on the consequences of such confrontational tactics and how their actions spurred international outrage.

This year’s flotilla will be composed of boats from France, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherland, including an Islamic aide group. The group says they believe this flotilla will be at least twice the size of last year’s.

Anouar Gharbi, A member of the ECESG, noted that the Freedom Flotilla II will use the slogan “Stay Human” in honour of an Italian peace activist that was killed earlier this year in Gaza.

The press release also stated that, “The three new ships just announced will leave from Marseille, France; Genoa, Italy; and a port yet to be named in Germany. Other European countries to be represented in the flotilla are Sweden, Belgium, Greece, Spain, the UK and Ireland.”

“There is nothing in international law that supports Israel’s four-year-long blockade of Gaza, or its attacks on humanitarian shipments in international or Palestinian waters,” Gharbi said.

This comes on the heels of the problems the Spirit of Rachel Corrie flotilla was experiencing in trying to deliver aide to Gaza.

“I am sure the recent Israeli fire on the Malaysian ship, the Spirit of Rachel Corrie, was meant as warning for the flotilla…” Gharbi said

He said the crew and passengers of Freedom Flotilla II are undeterred by this.



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