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May 28, 2011 | GAZA PALESTINE | TODAY NEWS LINKS| Gaza has been under siege for 1445 days | Spread-Share-Link or Tweet the News!

█ updated ▶ Demo in Bil’in Live updates by @ibnezra@PSCC_Palestine | May 27, 2011 – in pictures

█ updated ▶ Demo Nabi Saleh Live updates by @ash_ram & @PalYouthVoice |May 27, 2011 -in pictures

█ updated ▶ Demo Nilin Live Updates by @Gershonbaskin | May 27, 2011 – in pictures

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Children of Palestine

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AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know – video

Gideon Levy: It’s called ethnic cleansing

Israel’s-Zionist Offensive To Derail Palestinian Statehood

Amnesty report: Gaza blockade – violation of int’l law,7340,L-4068082,00.html

Greenwashing Apartheid: New eBook of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network – Free Download

Three gazans wounded due to Israeli Attack

In photos: Friday demonstration in Silwan

Three members of ISM arrested during peaceful demonstration in Iraq Burin

Welcome To Gaza: Revolution And Change At The Rafah Border By Ramzy Baroud

Israel summons Palestinians for interrogation

IOF declares Iraq Burin closed military zone

MP Ramadan denies rumors that Hamas supports Fayyad as future PM

Soldiers deliver summonses in northern West Bank

AL urges Palestine’s UN recognition

‘People in Palestine are really suffering’

Specialists say 95% of Gaza water is not drinkable as the “israeli” occupation prevents the fresh underground…

Israel summons Palestinians for interrogation

From the Archives 1991: Israel’s 1967 Attack Was Aggression – Israel’s Current Occupation Is Illegal

Group of 12 Israeli settlers severely beat elderly Palestinian shepherd

European campaign slams Ban Ki-moon calls curtailing Gaza aid flotilla

MP Foqaha urges fast implementation of reconciliation agreement:

Israeli prisons charge Palestinian detainees for medical treatment

PA preventive apparatus say they have no orders to change dealing with Hamas

NGO declares ‘commercial disaster’ in Jerusalem’s Old City – Ethnic cleansing by tax imposure

#rafah border official: 400 palest entered egypt, 153 crossed from egypt to gaza, 30 turned back from entering egypt

‘Rafah opening, beneficial to Egypt’ – with video

Deborah Hyams, of Amnesty International: “Opening the Rafah crossing is one positive step because it might make…

UN official: US could stop Palestine membership bid (updated)

3 peace activists arrested in West Bank

Palestinian President to Visit Egypt Tomorrow

PCHR Weekly Report: 1 killed, 3 wounded, 26 abducted by Israeli forces this week

So-called ‘centrist’ Kadima : If Netanyahu pretended to want peace better, we could have kept Palestinians trapped!

Opening the Rafah Crossing – video

Malaysian aid ship in Egypt’s el-Arish

Hope for Gaza, headache for Israel as border opens at Rafah – video

PGPF Hopes Egypt Allows Transport Of Gaza-Bound PVC Pipes On Land (Update on Spirit of Rachel Corrie Flotilla to Gaza)

Mubarak, ministers fined $90 million for telecom shutdown

Israeli author calls for dismantlement of settlements

أبو زهري يدعو مصر إلى عدم الالتفات للتهديدات الصهيونية

Palestinian ‘first Arab woman’ to scale Everest

Israeli soldiers suppress West Bank protests injuring many

WATCH: Israeli police use stun guns for the first time against Jewish protesters

Kadima: Opening of Gaza border is ‘national failure’ for Netanyahu

Lebanese NGO welcomes president’s statements on right of return

Hamas, Fatah discuss enhancing reconciliation during Gaza meeting

CPT: Settlers torch Palestinian olive grove

Rafah Crossing Opens; Egypt Refuse Israeli Interference

Occupation Authorities Declare Iraq Burin Village Closed Military Zone

Protests in Jordan demand closure of Israeli embassy

Live update from “Spirit of Rachel Corrie” – Ship to Gaza

Egypt Opens Rafah Border – in pictures

Forum Condemns Israels Attack on Journalists in Jerusalem [wafa]

Man hospitalized in Hamas police custody, relatives say

UN chief discourages a new Gaza aid flotilla

Gaza Will Survive

Egypt eases Gaza border restrictions

The school we’re building is almost done, moving to #Jiftlek after lunch

Egypt reopens Rafah border crossing with Gaza

Egypt reopens Gaza border crossing

Nakba: Why did Israeli historians whitewash an artillery attack?

Egypt opens Gaza border permanently

Gaza: l’Egypte a ouvert le terminal de Rafah

Weekly Bil’in Demonstration Plagued by Extreme Heat and Tear Gas. See

Israeli settlers plan provocative march in O. Jerusalem

Egypt reopens Rafah border with Gaza

What happened to Palestinian “reconciliation”?

Egypt opens Rafah border with Gaza

Egypt to open Gaza border crossing at Rafah

Egypt opens Rafah Border with Gaza but still no Real End of the Restrictions on Movement for Palestinians

UN official: US can veto Palestine membership bid

Egypt Re-Opens Gaza Border, Partially Dismantling Siege

Human rights situation in Palestine and OAT- Human Rights Council- NGO statement..

Israeli forces impose closure on Burin village

MEPEACE’s Peace Cafe

Police arrest seven protesting new settlement in East Jerusalem

جمعية فرسان الغد الشبابية تنظم اليوم الطبي المجاني فحص النظر:

يجب رفع سقف الاستراتيجية الفلسطينية لمواجهة المرحلة المقبلة: بيت لحم/PNN/فادي يعقوب- أكد المحلل ال…

Israel assaults peaceful marchers in Bil’in

SIGN PETITION- BBC don’t censor PALESTINE ! share with all!

Haaretz: “Teen hospitalized with fractured skull after violent Nakba Day arrest”

Around Ramallah today, things to do include the farmers’ market organised by Sharaka – Community Supported…

Israeli FM Avigdor Lieberman: “Canada is a true friend of Israel.”

Expert: Israel not to accept Turkey’s mediation in Israeli-Palestinian conflict – Trend News Agency

UDHR 15:1 Everyone has the right to a nationality. (Not in Palestine) | Fundamental human rights Nationality [PDF]

Netanyahu, despite the endless rhetoric against Tehran, doing nothing to stop Israeli companies’ indirect trade w/ Iran

Fateh, Hamas, Held Meeting In Gaza, Leaders To Meet Again Sunday

Israeli Police Attacks Nonviolent Protestors In Jerusalem, Kidnap One

ملف الاعتقالات السياسية تثير شيئا من الخلافات بين حماس الضفة والخارج: ملف الاعتقالات السياسية تثير شيئا من الخلا…

Report: “200 Israeli Companies have Ties With Iranian Energy Sector: A report published by Israeli Haaretz…

Settlers To March In Sheikh Jarrah Next Wednesday

Why Palestinian non violent resistance grows

United States wishes to “guide” Arab Uprisings

Palestine gets NAM (120 Countries) support for liberty, UN membership

A tale from the frontline of Palestinian protests in Maroun El-Ras:

Israeli army shuts down ‘illegal’ Palestinian protests

Shaath: New government in 10 days

Al-Wadieh: Israel inciting against unity

Three Gaza fishermen wounded after their boat was attacked off Khan Younis

Netanyahu wants a Palestinian quisling, not peace partner:

Abbas’s security moves hunger-strikers to Jenin and Jericho prisons

‘Palestinian state requires UN support’

G8 pledges $20 billion in aid to new Arab democracies – G8 – FRANCE 24

66 year old shepherd from the village of Madama attacked by settlers

Non-Aligned countries called upon Israel to release Palestinian prisoners

Yousef Munayyer: Palestinians gave up on American-led negotiations after 20 years because the U.S. acted as Israel’s advocate

Amnesty International Demands End To Destruction Of “Unrecognized” Villages In Israel

▶ Checkpoints ◀ | Daily Harrasement, abuse, torture & more in #PALESTINE

Disabled man shaken after military assault

Palestinian infant close to death as Israel denies him medication

█ Action Alert ▶  On June 5th support the Palestinian refugees’ right to return | #palestine | #FF @ismpalestine

State of Palestine Stamps your Passport! – video

Nakba, the Palestine catastrophe… Can anyone hear me?  -a poem

Soldier Exposing His Buttocks To The World

Twitter Death for Occupied Palestine


AIPAC Bill will Destroy More American Jobs

Zionism vs Judaism:

Prof. Em. Richard Falk: Observing the 63rd Nakba

Jenin Jenin – The Movie – English Version

Handbook | Putting Technology to Work for Palestine Activism, V 1.0 | PDF

Handbook | Organizing Actions and Events

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