Rafah Crossing Opens; Egypt Refuse Israeli Interference


PNN – Palestine News Network – 28.05.11 – 13:55

Gaza – PNN – Hudnreds of Palestinian moved in and out of the Gaza Strip on Saturday as the Egyptian Authorities reopened the Rafah crossing with the Gaza Strip after four years of closure.


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As Palestinian residents expressed happens and hope that the opening of Rafah border crossing with Egypt will ease the Israeli siege, the Israeli government criticized the move by the Egyptian government.

Addressing Israeli and EU concerns, Ghazi Hamad, director of the border crossing in the Hamas government in Gaza, told reporters today that weapon smuggling will not be allowed adding that the crossing will be only used for the movement of people.

“ the opening of Rafah crossing will not end the surfing of the residents but will help to ease its effect on them” Hamad added.

The Israeli government announced that its concerned that the crossing is being operated without international supervision. Israeli sources also expressed fear that this may be a change of the relationship between post-Mubarak Egypt and Israel.

Responding to the Israeli government, Egyptian government sources said that Israel have no right to  Interfere between Egypt and the Palestinian Authority in both the West Bank and Gaza adding that Israel siege that is “suffocating” 1.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza is illegal.

Israel placed the Gaza Strip under siege in June 2007, rendering residents there lacking food fuel and medical supplies. In 2005 Israel handed over the Rafah crossing to the Palestinian Authority monitored by EU observers.  When Hamas took over the Gaza Strip in 2006 Israel refused to allow EU monitors back into Gaza and Egypt closed its side of the borders.


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