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May 29, 2011 | GAZA PALESTINE | TODAY NEWS LINKS| Gaza has been under siege for 1446 days | Spread-Share-Link or Tweet the News!

█ updated ▶ Demo in Bil’in Live updates by @ibnezra@PSCC_Palestine | May 27, 2011 – in pictures

█ updated ▶ Demo Nabi Saleh Live updates by @ash_ram & @PalYouthVoice |May 27, 2011 -in pictures

█ updated ▶ Demo Nilin Live Updates by @Gershonbaskin | May 27, 2011 – in pictures

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Children of Palestine

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AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know – video

Gideon Levy: It’s called ethnic cleansing

Israel’s-Zionist Offensive To Derail Palestinian Statehood

Amnesty report: Gaza blockade – violation of int’l law,7340,L-4068082,00.html

Greenwashing Apartheid: New eBook of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network – Free Download

Israeli police detain 7-year-old Palestinian boy and accost relatives

Palestinians sue Israel for NIS 18m over daughter’s border crossing injury

Israel‘s military releases Itamar probe findings

East Jerusalem: Israel detains an 8 years old Palestinian

Zionist plan to change the demography of occupied Jerusalem within five years

Flotilla crew ‘welcomes’ UN concern, will still sail

2 injured by settler in car accident

IOF places tight grip on village near Nablus

The ruined village Palestinians will never forget

Israel: PA fire on settlers at Joseph’s Tomb ‘unwarranted’

iRemember… The Shuhada of the Mavi Marmara Massacre – in pictures

Israel will not repeat flotilla attack

Gaza committee says Ki-moon responsible for danger ahead of flotilla

Stolen Children, Stolen Lives part 2

اعتقال شابين من سلوان

Israel to mark Jerusalem ‘reunification’ with cash

Women and the Israeli Occupation

A Palestinian man forced to demolish his home in Jerusalem

avinunu: 13 ships owned by Israel’s Ofer Brothers have docked in Iran over past decade – Haaretz

FPJS condemns IOF assault of journalists in occupied Jerusalem

Palestinians revolt too

قوات كبيره تختطف طفل وتعتدي على أباه بالضرب

Nine Year Old Child Suffers Broken Arm in Nabi Saleh Demonstration | May 27, 2011 – video

Police use stun guns for first time on Jewish protesters | Ras al Amud Demo May 27, 2011 – video

Palestinian Women Prisoners – video

Friedman’s Bogus Advice on Palestinian Nonviolence

Robert Fisk: A tale from the frontline of Palestinian protest

الرّشق: حماس ملتزمة بأن يكون رئيس الوزراء والوزراء مستقلين حقيقةً وفعلاً

Canadian Boat to challenge Israeli blockade of Gaza

Ketziot prison warden exploiting Palestinian prisoners:

A Palestinian Revolt in the Making?

Settlers Drown Palestinians’ Land with Wastewater in Bethlehem

13 ships owned by Israel’s Ofer Brothers have docked in Iran over past decade – Haaretz

Israeli Army Raids and Terrorizes Bilin

Winds of Hope in the Occupied Syrian Golan

USA: The Israel Lobby

The New Face Of American War

Haaretz editorial: Israel’s “closure” policy “vengeful & cruel”, turned Gaza into “world’s biggest prison”

Bil’in | May 29, 2011 – video

Settlers Uproot 20 Olive Trees Near Hebron

Israel Prevents University Lecturer From Traveling To Jordan

Arab Follow-Up Committee Supports Palestinian State, To Ask UN For Recognition

Palestinian captive suffers loss of memory after 10 years in occupation jails

Family plead for Australian accused of Hamas ties

הזדמנות לפעול! כנסו, הצטרפו ל”פעולה אחת ביום” והתחילו בשליחת מכתב לאלוף פיקוד המרכז על הגבלות התנועה הגורפות בבקעת…

Police: Man shot dead in Jericho

Abbas to push for UN recognition

Israel prevents Palestinian girl from seeing her imprisoned father

New FBI Files Alleging AIPAC Theft of Government Property and Israeli Espionage Released

Israel slams Rafah reopening

Israeli forces shoot man near Gaza City, medics say (updated)

The surreal state solution

Israel’s New Plan to Judaize Jerusalem

Israeli army invades Bil’in village

Medics: Palestinian beaten by Israeli soldiers at checkpoint

Occupation: ‘Not the End. Not Even the Beginning of the End. But Perhaps the End of the Beginning.’

The Golan | Ending Occupation, Establishing Peace | PDF |

Internal Displacement in Palestine:

From Settlement to Shelf: The Economic Occupation of the  Syrian Golan | PDF | Intl #Law | #Syria #Palestine #Golan
A list of UN Resolutions against “Israel”

Golan Israeli Violations of International Law

Meet the IDF Facebook-Twitter Commando

Israel arrests 5 Palestinian farmers near Hebron

Soldiers Detain Palestinians, Abduct International Peace activist Near Hebron

Palestinian Forced To Demolish His Own Home In Jerusalem

Gaza Journalism Forum Slams Israeli Police For Attacking Journalist in Jerusalem

Gaza businessmen applaud Rafah opening

Mystery fire burns on Silwan Hill

Israeli forces raid Information Center again, director Siyam summoned and detained

Undercover forces kidnap youth in Bir Ayyub

Factory owner’s detention extended, charged with stone-throwing

Palestinian Wounded By Army Fire In Gaza

My speech for Vik’s memorial in Faraheen

5 Palestinians, Israeli officer injured in Nablus crash

Israeli Pressure Leads To Zionist Support Statement By G8 Ministers

Why Australian Jewish community is blind to open debate over #Palestine

Medics: Israeli forces shoot man near Gaza City

Jewish And Muslim Students Unite To Debunk Horowitz’s Claims

Government to increase support for West Bank college

NYT notes a policy of collective punishment: Israel’s “goal” meant deliberately “suppressing economic growth in Gaza”

Netanyahu asked Canada PM to thwart G8 support for 1967 borders – and got what he wanted

Israel allows limited goods to enter Gaza

Medics: Israeli forces shoot man near Gaza City

We don’t want a situation where Palestinians in #Gaza can travel anywhere in the world except to the West Bank

Settlers See New Support From Obama

Israel is the most influential country in the G8 even though it’s not a member

Israeli forces attack youth, one arrested

India pledges support for Palestine

Protest against new settlement meets with heavy repression, six arrested – in pictures

From the Archives 1991: Israel’s 1967 Attack Was Aggression – Israel’s Current Occupation Is Illegal

NGO declares ‘commercial disaster’ in Jerusalem’s Old City – Ethnic cleansing by tax imposure

Egypt Opens Rafah Border – in pictures

Egypt opens Rafah Border with Gaza but still no Real End of the Restrictions on Movement for Palestinians

UDHR 15:1 Everyone has the right to a nationality. (Not in Palestine) | Fundamental human rights Nationality [PDF]

Yousef Munayyer: Palestinians gave up on American-led negotiations after 20 years because the U.S. acted as Israel’s advocate

Amnesty International Demands End To Destruction Of “Unrecognized” Villages In Israel

▶ Checkpoints ◀ | Daily Harrasement, abuse, torture & more in #PALESTINE

Disabled man shaken after military assault

Palestinian infant close to death as Israel denies him medication

█ Action Alert ▶  On June 5th support the Palestinian refugees’ right to return | #palestine | #FF @ismpalestine

State of Palestine Stamps your Passport! – video

Nakba, the Palestine catastrophe… Can anyone hear me?  -a poem

Soldier Exposing His Buttocks To The World


AIPAC Bill will Destroy More American Jobs

Zionism vs Judaism:

Prof. Em. Richard Falk: Observing the 63rd Nakba

Jenin Jenin – The Movie – English Version

Handbook | Putting Technology to Work for Palestine Activism, V 1.0 | PDF

Handbook | Organizing Actions and Events

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