Nine Year Old Child Suffers Broken Arm in Nabi Saleh Demonstration | May 27, 2011 – video

May 27, 2011| Popular Struggle Coordination Committee

Another round of harsh military repression plagued the village of Nabi Saleh this week as the Israeli army has stepped up its campaign of silencing unarmed Palestinian resistance in the West Bank. In total nine people were arrested in the course of the demonstrations. Three people were injured, including a 14 year old and a 9 year old both from tear gas projectiles. 

The village of Nabi Saleh held an unarmed demonstration against the confiscation of its land by the neighbouring settlement of Halamish and the entire mechanism of control upheld by Israel occupation of the West Bank. Villagers, along with Israeli, international and Palestinian supporters, gathered in the village centre shortly after Friday afternoon prayers and attempting to march to their agricultural lands. The Israeli army and Border Police stopped the demonstration almost before it started with a barrage of tear gas and percussion grenades.

Despite the violent repression, villagers continued their march. The army responded with excessive amounts of tear gas, forcing protesters to take cover inside homes. In the course of the demonstration nine people were arrested. They were all released without charge once the demonstration was officially over.

Three people were injured by Israeli tear gas canisters including a 14 year old and 9 year old, who suffered a broken arm after being hit directly. One man was injured after the house he was taking refuge in was targeted with a tear gas projectile. Glass of one of the windows cut open his body including cuts on his throat.

Since December 2009, Nabi Saleh has been targeted for violent repression of its unarmed demonstration against the occupation by the Israeli army. Last weeks events, night raids and the excessive use of live ammunition to crush the demonstration, represents a new level of repression against the village. However, the villagers plan to continue with their demonstrations until their land is freed and the occupation is finished.

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