ACTION ALERT | More Censorship and Intimidation by Egypt’s Military Police: What Hossam El Hamalawy and Reem Maged said to be summoned by the SCAF

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This is what Hossam el Hamalawy said in Reem Maged’s Show that SCAF wants to investigate, Read it or watch it from the minute 11.
Here are the statements in Arabic and English :
حسام: إلغاء المحاكمات العسكرية للمدنيين . إحنا بنتكلم هنا عن 5000-8000حالة من ساعت نزول الجيش ..والحاكمات دي غائرة , لأن قتلة الثوار بيتحكموا مدنياً .مش بس المحاكمات العسكرية . لازم كمان النظر في انتهاكات الشرطة العسكرية .. اللي انا بحمل المسؤولية لحمدي بدين عليها..زي حسني مبارك منزلش قتل الثوار بس بيتحاكم عليها ..اللواء لازم يسأل عنها
ريم :هل الإنتهاكات دي موثقة ؟
حسام : اه موثقة بالفيدوهات و شهادات
ريم :تقدمتو ببلاغات ضد هذه الإنتهاكات ؟
حسام : تم المطالبة بالتحقيق في هذه الإنتهاكات من قبل المحاميين الحقوقيين الي بترافعوا عن المتظاهرييم .. زي المحامية راجية
Here is the English Version

Hossam : Cancel the Military Trials for civilians, we are talking here about 5000 to 8000 case since the Army started to rule the country. Those trials are not fair, since Mubarak and the Killers are being civilian trials. Not only the military trials we also should consider the Military police violations, which I hold the responsibility to Hamdy Badeen, such as Mubarak is being prosecuted about Killing protesters while he didn’t go down the street and did it him self. Hamdy Badeen should be responsible for the military police violations.
Reem : Are those violations documented ?
Hossam : Yes, in videos and testimonials .
Reem : Did you file a report about those violations ?
Hossam : There has been requests to start investigation about those violations. Those requests were sent by the freedom lawyers like Dr.Rajya

I donno about you, But I find no cross of any line , ethically or personally to anyone. The man said his opinion and made a good point. You may not agree, but really get Summoned  about it ??? He is a journalist for crying out loud !
And Reem !! Why in the WORLD would she get summoned ? because  she didn’t stop him ? or she only asked him 2 simple questions ? This is very silly !


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