Canadian Prime Minister is the Only Leader to Stand with Israel at G8 Summit


PNN – Palestine News Network

30.05.11 – 11:40 France – PNN – Victoria Delacroix- You wouldn’t have guessed it by looking at Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper that he would be a rebel, a guy that goes against the crowd. But that’s just what he did this past weekend at the G8 summit.


Canadian PM Stephen Harper at G8

Unlike all the other leaders, including Mr. Obama and Mr. Sarkozy, who believe that the feverish Arab spring, especially this one, is the right time to seize opportunity and a lasting peace in the powder keg of the 21st century, Mr. Harper took a firm stand with the nation that is the most opposed to any shaking up of the status quo- Israel.

“Canada is clearly at one extreme end of a continuum on the Israel issue, but we are not an outlier,” said John Kirton, the director of the G8 Research Group at the University of Toronto.

Harper wagged his finger at any talk of peace negotiations in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that started with returning to the pre-1967 borders. Harper said that unless the G8 declaration also had mention of  concessions be that should made by Palestinians- as Mr. Obama hinted in his speech last week- Harper  won’t support it.

“I think if you’re going to get into other elements, obviously I would like to see reference to elements that were also in President Obama’s speech,” Mr. harper said.  “Such as, for instance, the fact that one of the states must be a Jewish state and the fact that the Palestinian state must be demilitarized.”

The French Prime Minister, without naming his Canadian counterpart, was somewhat irked by Harpers unwillingness to co-operate.

“I think it’s appropriate to talk about the 1967 border, because we can’t talk about borders without specifying which ones,” he said.

In the end the G8’s finally declaration did not achieve much; instead it called for peace negotiations now, but sadly did not refer to any borders. They said a lot without saying anything concrete.



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