Fields Bulldozed Near Hebron


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30.05.11 – 10:27 Hebron – PNN – An Israeli electricity company was bulldozing a wheat field owned by a Palestinian farmer Monday morning near Hebron, said Mahmoud Zwahrwa, a local activist.


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The company said they were installing electrical wires. When asked by activists, they did not show that they had permission to dig, said Zwahrwa.

Musa Breijah is the owner of the field. He was not asked by the company if they could dig in his field, said Zwahrwa.

Other residents of Al-Masara village where the field is located were watching the digging at 10 a.m. Monday morning along with Palestinian and international activists, said Zwahrwa.

Israeli companies and the Israeli army regularly destroy Palestinian fields and orchards in the Hebron area, saying the farmers who own them are in violation of land ownership laws.


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