The 15th May youth in Jordan call for marching to Israeli embassy in Amman

[ 29/05/2011 – 12:59 PM ]


AMMAN, (PIC)– The 15th May youth in Jordan announced, in a statement on Saturday, their intention to march to the Israeli embassy in Amman next Friday and called on all civil society organisations and trade unions to participate in the march which will mark the 1967 Israeli aggression.

The group also rejected the idea of Jordan being an alternative home for the Palestinians as some Zionists have been calling for. The group further stressed that instead of transferring Palestinians from occupied Palestine to Jordan, Palestinian refugees should in Jordan and all over the world should be able to return to their homes in Palestine.

They also said in the statement that when they tried to express their belief in the right of return practically by marching towards the borders of occupied Palestine on Nakba they were faced with repressive measures, beating and firing in the air by the security forces.

The group also criticised the “peace agreement between Jordan and the Zionist which violates traditions, religious and Arab thought,” adding that closing down the Israeli embassy in Amman and the cancellation of the Wadi Araba peace agreement is the least Jordan can do to support the Palestinian people in the struggle for their rights.


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