Haneyya calls on Ban Ki-Moon not to ignore occupation massacres

[ 01/06/2011 – 12:31 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya said that the landing of Freedom Flotilla II due to set sail 20 June will mark the end to the five year Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip.

He said during the opening of the Freedom Flotilla Martyrs Square on Tuesday that the arrival would erase the negative effects of the siege and promote the Palestinian cause on international forums.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian premier expressed surprise over statements by UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon urging European countries to thwart departure of ships from their ports alleging the mission could instigate “violent clashes”.

Haneyya called on Ki-moon to retract the statements and reinstate support for the Palestinian cause and not overlook Israel’s continued massacres against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Concerning talks of a future Palestinian state, Haneyya said that such would not be achieved by grants by the US and the West, but would only by the blood, struggle, and sacrifices of the people as well as their resistance and the support of the Arabs and Muslims.

According to his assessment, the “tripartite alliance” protecting Israel since long ago has begun to fall apart.

“Turkey, with its new leadership and policy adopted to preserve the dignity of the [Muslims], has begun to practically leave this alliance, which was dependent upon the [Israeli occupier]; and finally Egypt got rid of a regime that unfortunately lasted for decades serving US and Israeli policy.”

He predicted darker days for Israel as the Palestinian cause takes a turn for the better in the region.

Haneyya reiterated praise for Egypt after the decision to open the Rafah border crossing against pressure from the US and Israel.

He said the decision expresses free will and confirms Egypt’s sovereignty at the land port on the border with the Gaza Strip. It also means that Egypt has restored support for the Palestinian cause, he said.

The Egyptians, who never took part in the siege on the Gaza Strip as a people have decided not to be dictated to by anyone, Haneyya went on to say.


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