ISFHR: attacks aimed at striking Palestinian survival

[ 01/06/2011 – 03:36 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– The International Solidarity Foundation for Human Rights said Israel’s attacks on the Al-Bara Muslim girls association and the office of the Islamic orphan relief fund on Tuesday morning in Jenin were only the last in a long series of violations targeting organizations operating in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Altogether ISFHR researcher Ahmed al-Beitawi documented 21 attacks on institutions and associations in the Palestinian territories since the onset of 2010. The attacks targeted charities, centers of culture, art, and the media, and village councils.

Most notably, the Israeli occupation forces raided the Al-Maqasid charity society in Jerusalem and the international solidarity movement in Ramallah in late January early February of 2010. In the operation, the IOF arrested foreign activists and deported them.

Later in February, the IOF raided the headquarters of the Hope cancer patient fund.

In most cases, the IOF tampered with and destroyed the organizations’ property, the ISFHR report details.

In a bid to torpedo media capabilities, the IOF confiscated a transmitter owned by Radio Bethlehem 2000 and shut down operations in several more centers of the arts and culture in 2011.

Beitawi said that the attacks were aimed at striking Palestinian organizations designed to relieve disadvantaged Palestinians under occupation and help them survive on their land.

The researcher confirmed that the organizations do not pose a security threat to Israel as has been alleged, but rather they are only designed to provide relief and awareness.


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