Israel will resort to violence on Gaza aid flotilla

[ 01/06/2011 – 10:00 AM | PIC ]

NAZARETH, (PIC)– Israel will not rely on diplomatic efforts alone to thwart the Gaza aid flotilla due to set sail from Europe 20 June, but it will resort to the use of force against anyone who does not succumb to the navy’s orders, Israeli news outlets report.

According to a report published by Haaretz on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not ruled out using force against those who defy the naval force’s orders and proceed towards the coast of Gaza, referring to those on board the Freedom Flotilla II.

The Israeli navy is bracing to thwart the flotilla, as it has been training to take control of the ships, the report says. But this time around the force will focus on crowd control procedures and will not rule out resorting to force.

The report adds that the military preparations include intelligence gathering by monitoring open communications and websites.

It said that, despite “faults” made during the takeover of the first freedom flotilla on May 31 there is no alternative to using force to seize the ships.

Former chief of staff of the Israeli army Gaby Ashkenazi said while testifying to the Turkel committee, appointed by Israel to investigate the attack, that the use of snipers to control demonstrators who have been alleged to use violence would prevent the occurrence of clashes that could put the soldiers’ lives at greater risk.


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