Protesters Plan Naksa Day March


01.06.11 – 13:50 Beirut | PNN – Palestine News Network

PNN – Palestinian refugees in Arab states neighboring Israel plan to protest by marching towards the border with Israel on Sunday, a senior Fatah commander told the Lebanese daily the Daily Star.

ImageThe protests are set to mark the anniversary of the Israeli take-over of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights during the 1967 war, which the Palestinians call the Naksa, or setback.

“It is going to be a peaceful march toward the border stretching from the [coastal town of] Naqoura to [the town of] Khiam,” Fatah commander Munir Maqdah said Tuesday.

Protesters are using Facebook to help organize the marches. One such group, called “Their independence is our Nakba,” boasts some 1,300 members and features a picture of Jesus set against a Palestinian flag as the group photo.

On the group’s wall protesters have publicly discussed plans for marches. The group page also gives information about the fate that befell the Palestinians before and during the war of 1948, which Israel calls their War of Independence, and the Palestinians recognize as their Nakba, or catastrophe.

Millions of Palestinians live as refugees in Gaza and the West Bank, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon after fleeing or being forced to leave their homes in what is now the state of Israel during the 1948 and 1967 wars.

Similar protests happened on May 15, the day remembered by Palestinians as Nakba day.

The May 15 protests saw thousands of Palestinians streaming towards the borders. At least 15 were killed by Israeli forces, security sources told the Daily Star.

Sources told the Daily Star that the Lebanese army may stop protesters from getting too close to the border in order to stop a repeat of the violence seen at last month’s protest.

Neeraj Singh, spokesperson for the UN mission in southern Lebanon, told the Daily Star that it is the Lebanese Army’s responsibility to protect protesters, but UN forces will help if asked by Lebanon.

Haaretz reported that some Israeli officials said that troop numbers would be stepped up on the borders in preparation for the June 5 protests.


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