Salah: Netanyahu declared war with Muslims after Jerusalem claim

[ 01/06/2011 – 09:46 AM ]

ISTANBUL, (PIC)– Sheikh Raed Salah, leader of the Islamic Movement in 1948-occupied Palestine, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared war on all Muslims after he declared Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel.

He ruled in a statement that he gave in Turkey as the country marked the anniversary of Israel’s attack on the Freedom Flotilla that Israel would not be able attack the Freedom Flotilla II the second time around after the world’s sharp response to the first attack that left nine Turks dead.

”I don’t believe it will attack it as before, as the convoy consists of 20 ships, and there will be more than 1,000 people on those ships. We hope it will be a new beginning for Gaza after a month [when the flotilla arrives],” Salah said. ”As for my personal opinion, the freedom flotilla will reach its destination.”

With regard to the opening of the Rafah crossing on the Gaza-Egypt border, Salah said: “Egypt’s opening of the crossing is an honorable position. Mubarak’s former regime which was ousted by the people carried out a biased policy against the Palestinians.”

He said the crossing opening was tantamount to a blow to Israeli efforts to undermine the Palestinians in Gaza.

Salah expected that Israel would study ways to pressure Egypt into not keeping the crossing open as it has so far rejected the decision. But he doubted that such efforts would succeed because the area is no longer under Israeli control.


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