Right-wing extremist Jerusalem Day march in Sheikh Jarrah – in pictures


Thursday, 2 June, 2011 | 02:01 |   Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan, Jerusalem

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) — Israeli extremists staged a racist march in honor of Jerusalem Day today, from the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

The streets of East Jerusalem stood empty, save for the thousands of Israeli marchers, supported by Israeli troops, who chanted slogans against Arabs, Muslims and Christians. Phrases such as “death to Arabs” rung out. Right-wing extremists attacked a group of left-wing Israeli counter-protesters before Israeli police eyes, who did nothing to impede the assault. Three left-wing Israelis and one American protester were arrested by police. The American citizen remains in police custody.

Militarised East Jerusalem in support of right-wing march

Israeli forces block Palestinian traffic, giving marchers right of way

Jerusalem streets empty save for marchers and military back-up

Settlers chanting racist slogans

Thousands of marchers swamp the streets of East Jerusalem

Soldiers preparing their weapons

A settler attempts to kick a Palestinian child out of his native Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood

Extremists gather in the Sheikh Jarrah

Extremists in the streets of Jerusalem

Marchers dance, sing and shout in hatred of Arabs

Racist slogans amidst the old city

An attempt on Palestinian shops and the Palestinians

The Palestinian is guilty ?

Palestinian merchants close and barricade their shops in anticipation of the march’s destruction

Barriers exclusively for Palestinians

The march ends in front of the Wailing Wall

One of the Sheikh Jarrah homes seized by settlers


In pictures

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