Friday Protests in Al –Masara Relatively Calm

PNN – Palestine News Network –  03.06.11 – 19:42

Al-Masara-PNN-Victoria Delacroix- Friday’s weekly protests in the village of Al-Masara were relatively quiet and peaceful. However, even though the local villagers alongside international volunteers and local journalists were calmly and peaceful demonstrating, Israeli soldiers, who numbered more than 25, forcefully shoved and pushed them back as they were marching towards one of the roads in Al-Masara.

The protest was against the expansion of the wall that if completed, will separate the people from their land and their livelihood.
Volunteers from the Holy Land Trust and the Palestinian Summer Encounter, who came from across the globe, including Canada, America, Britain, and France also took part in the protests. Some international protestors had guns pointed at them as soldiers shoved them back repeatedly.  The protesters chanted,

“1, 2, 3, 4- Occupation no More, 5, 6, 7, 8- Israel is a fascist state.”

Mahmoud Zawhre, Head of the Popular Committee, who organizes these local protests, told the international volunteers,

“If you’d like to export occupation, here is your example,” he said, pointing at the heavily armed soldiers.

When one protestor asked why the soldiers were afraid of the cameras that were carried by international volunteers, the soldier answered,

“Cameras are good weapons.”

Zawhre along with other local Palestinians, time and time again tried to reason with the soldiers telling them to put away their weapons, underlining that the protestors were not a threat or danger to them or Israel.

Israeli soldiers would not allow any of the protestors to march towards the main road in Al-Masara, citing that it was a safety issue since it was a busy highway. They also used the excuse that the road was a “closed military zone”

Another protestor said, “We want to walk onto our land.”


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