Israeli Army Locks Down Jerusalem Ahead of Naksa Commemoration


PNN – Palestine News Network – 03.06.11 – 11:56

Jerusalem – PNN – The Israeli police and army announced a closure in East Jerusalem on Friday, and did not allow men under the age of 45 to enter the Old City.

ImageAccording to the Israeli police command, hundreds of troops were deployed in all Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem and the Old City in order to counter protests organised by Palestinians in commemoration of Naksa.

Palestinians commemorate Naksa (or ‘setback’) every June 5, the day in 1967 when Israel occupied the West bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and Southern Lebanon.

In related developments, the Israeli military Chief of Staff, Benny Gantz, announced that the Israeli military is fully prepared to stop protestors from “breaching”” the northern borders, as happened during the Naqba commemoration last month.

On May 15, Palestinians commemorating al-Naqba marched from Lebanon and Syria to the northern borders with Israel. Some managed to break the borders and go back to the hometowns from which their grandparents were evicted when Israel was created in 1948. Sixteen Palestinian men were killed by Israeli gunfire during the May 15 protests, 13 of whom were killed at the border with Lebanon.


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