Rabbi Weiss: “We Cry and We Pray for the People of Palestine and Gaza!” – video

On Tuesday afternoon, June 1, 2010, a protest action was held in front of the White House.The demonstration was in response to a May 31th attack by Israeli Military Forces on a humanitarian six-boat flotilla, in international waters, in the Mediterranean Sea, carrying 10,000 tons of supplies to Occupied Gaza.

The assault has caused outrage around the globe. At least nine civilians were killed by the Israelis and another 60 or so wounded. One of those speaking out at the rally was Orthodox Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss.

He is associated with “Orthodox Jews United Against Zionism,” and is a member of “Neturei Karta International.” Rabbi Weiss said: “We cry and we pray for the people of Palestine and Gaza.” He was also sharply critical in his remarks of the political ideology of Zionism.


See: http://www.nkusa.org/


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