Rajoub: There are at least 14 dying captives at Ramlah prison

[ 03/06/2011 – 05:38 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Yaser al-Rajoub, who was freed from an Israeli occupation jail on Thursday evening, called on human rights organisations to intervene to pressure occupation authorities to free 14 other dying captives at Ramalah prison.

Rajoub said, in a statement on Friday, that he saw those captives during his stay at the Ramlah prison from which he was released, stressing that many of those captives are suffering extreme pains and some of them have already ended up in wheelchairs because of their illnesses and lack of medical attention.

He said that the sick captives at Ramlah prison suffer kidney problems, diabetes and cancer, among other conditions, adding that some of them are bed-bound and called for serious campaigns to get those extremely sick captives freed.

 Rajoub who suffers from cancer and is need of serious medical attention was freed on Thursday after an appeal was made by his four daughters to international organisations to pressure the occupation authorities to free their father who was detained under the so called administrative detention (without charge or trial).


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